Doubles OU Suspect Test 4 - Voter Identification Thread

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Post a screenshot here of your ladder alt proving that it's you to get the right to vote in the suspect (Do not post anything besides reqs confirmation in this thread please!)

You need to display the following in your screenshot(s):
1. Minimum of 2600 COIL on the Doubles OU (suspect test) ladder.
2. Minimum of 76.85 GXE.
3. Maximum of 60 Games played on your Ladder Alt.
4. Your username on the upperleft corner / chatbox part of the UI if your alt does not share your forum username.

The suspect ladder will be up until 11:00 PM EDT on October 29 (Sunday). It will return at 11:00 PM EDT on November 1 (Wednesday), and will be up until 11:00 PM EDT on November 5 (Sunday). You can submit your reqs confirmation at any time from now until November 5. Good luck! :toast:
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