Tournament Doubles Premier League 4: Player Signups

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I've never felt better in my life
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Player Name: Isa
Tiers Played: in honesty, none relevant, but i fucking love doubles!!!
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: yes omg teach me everything doubles-related i dont know
Timezone : GMT+2
Significant Time Missed?: not if i get drafted for this omg omg omg

i helped edu some in spl i swear im worth it!! maybe
Player Name: Edu
Tiers Played: Mostly SM DOU/DUU and XY DOU. Played a fair amount of VGC 2013 for BW.
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: 100%
Timezone: GMT+1
Significant Time Missed?: Weekend of LATAM Internats (27-29 April) could be tough, but I still played SPL during Oceania Internats and it went pretty well.

Akaru Kokuyo

Touhou music is :sogood:
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Player Name: Kakaro Pyukumuku
Tiers Played: SM DOU / XY DOU / BW DOU
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: Sure! I'd like to actually play past gens correctly hehe.
Timezone : GMT -6 (Turning -5 this Sunday)
Significant Time Missed?: Not really. Might be dead for 2 or 3 consecutive days on 2nd April week.
Player Name: MegaCyber
Tiers Played: SM DOU / XY DOU
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: ye
Pineapple on Pizza?: no
Timezone : GMT-4
Significant Time Missed?: My exams are the april 30th - may 3rd, so I'll probably need to take the last week of april through may 3rd off for studying. I can probably make some time to hang out in discord and teambuild and stuff, but I'd rather not be scheduled to play during that timeframe.


waiting for a moment
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Player Name: 2016 DAD1 (AKA NOT WASHED UP DAD1)
Tiers Played: XY DOU / BW DOU / SM DOU
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: I'd rather play xy but I can play others if needed
Timezone: GMT -5 (CST)
Significant Time Missed: Some time during May for final exams
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Player Name: zaaya
Tiers Played: SM DOU / SM DUU
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: BW seems cool and i can play XY i just low key despise it 3:
Timezone : GMT-6
Significant Time Missed?: Nah
Player Name: Sir Zordor
Tiers Played: SM DOU/ SM DUU/ ORAS DOU/ VGC 17 and 18 / SM DUBERS sometimes
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: Sure
Timezone : GMT-5 (Eastern)
Significant Time Missed?: No
Player Name: stax
Tiers Played: SM DOU / BW DOU
Willing to Learn a New Tier?: ill learn duu if needed
Timezone : pst/pdt
Significant Time Missed?: might wane a bit but ill be mostly there

p.s, Can we please increase manager retention to at least 13k. I hate how one team is almost guaranteed playoffs in every premier league. I ,myself, didnt vouch for this increase initially because I wanted to exploit it to get an extra star player in the case that I did get to manage a team.
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