Tournament Doubles Premier League 7: Week 2

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Spikemuth Spectral Thieves (1) vs. (5) Santalune Storms

SS DOU: Frania vs Shadowmonstr7
SS DOU: Qwello Lee vs zeefable
SS DUU: Human vs AtmosphereVGC
SM DOU: MajorBowman vs stax
XY DOU: Toxigen vs qsns
BW DOU: Yellow Paint vs DaWoblefet

Galar Ghosters (4) vs. (2) Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles

SS DOU: Zigh vs Paraplegic
SS DOU: Grandmas Cookin vs shrop
SS DUU: The_Bandit vs kaori
SM DOU: emforbes vs Spurrific
XY DOU: Z Strats vs Memoric
BW DOU: MetalGro$$ vs Amaranth

Hau'oli Haxers (3) vs. (3) Hoenn Heroes

SS DOU: Yoda2798 vs Tenzai
SS DOU: YoBuddy vs TonyFlygon
SS DUU: Demantoid vs SMB
SM DOU: Nido-Rus vs Voltix
XY DOU: Mishimono vs JRL
BW DOU: Biosci vs Mizuhime
The deadline is Sunday, February 28th, at 11:59 PM Eastern time.
A few quick notes/reminders:
  • Follow Smogon's Tournament rules (no ghosting, no leaking teams/sets in chat, etc)
  • All matches are Best of 1
  • All replays must be posted - the same policy regarding replays used in Seasonals will be used here. All matches without a replay will be treated as a double game loss.
  • I will grant activity wins or extensions if I have to, but only as a last resort. Do your best to get your games done on time!
  • Substitutions are allowed, but be sure to let the host, opposing player, and opposing manager know ASAP if one needs to happen. If both managers agree to switching matchups around in the same tier to accommodate timezone issues that is fine, but send me a PM on Smogon including both managers so that I know it's legit.
  • If any of the rosters are incorrect, PM me on discord asap and I will edit.
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DPL 7 Predictions Tour

Here is the link for Week 2 of the DPL 7 Predictions Tour. Predictions will close in approximately 48 hours from this post are now closed, any games played between now and then will not count for predictions points. Games involving one or more substitutions will not count for predictions points. Bonus questions will also not count for predictions points.

I will post the Week 1 Leaderboard and the Week 2 Predictions breakdown after Week 2 predictions close.
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Once again, predicts from The People's Champ himself

Spikemuth Spectral Thieves (1) vs. Santalune Storms (5)

SS DOU: Frania vs Shadowmonstr7 - Both finessed their respective match-ups (in different ways!) last week, and I feel that both would prefer their positive standings on the sheet come from a more justifying performance. frania's team last week was solid while shadow's looked like it simply didn't give a shit about the entity known as Kyurem-Black; this, on top of considerations of what the two have achieved as players within DOU and its circuit(s), lend me to believe frania will come out on top.

SS DOU: Qwello Lee vs zeefable - Call me zeefable pilled once again I wanna see the dude boss up. They're both good players and my rational thought points to Qwello Lee winning this just by being a more proven SS DOU player, but I want to believe, especially after that respectable performance against Z Strats despite the loss.

SS DUU: Human vs AtmosphereVGC - After ESM got smashed last week, the Spectral Thieves now have a different sacrifice for DUU in Human, who won last week in BW. Atmosphere, meanwhile, defeated a the_bandit who forgot to actuarily prepare for Volcarona and was taught a valuable lesson. The former is a proven player with a known leaning towards funky picks, which can lead to them mayhaps being at home in DUU; the latter, meanwhile, has been playing DUU for a while now and has experience in this meta, particularly having a DPL win of their own here already. I'm gonna have to go with Atmosphere for this one.

SM DOU: MajorBowman vs stax - Both good players. stax has proven that they are not crust, while MajorBowman has yet to do this with being subbed out and all. Considering the unfortunate IRL situation in Texas they might not have the opportunity to uncrust themself (if they are) even if they want to, and it surely isn't helpful for general prep and just being in the right state of mind to even bother with Pokemon. Will have to go with the man who's already bossed up here, and I wish our TL the best in the situation they're in.

XY DOU: Toxigen vs qsns - Interesting slot. I have faith in Toxigen as someone who recognizes their abilities from performances of old, but qsns just put up a clinic against emforbes. That, and with qsns being a known great player in general, makes me lean towards them.

BW DOU: Yellow Paint vs DaWoblefet - DaWob brought a wack team last week imo... but Yellow Paint didn't bring any team at all because they didn't play in BW. Still, given DaWoblefet's known proficiency at the tier I will still go with them; Yellow Paint has to show they can boss up here.

Hau'oli Haxers (4) vs Hoenn Heroes (2)

SS DOU: Yoda2798 vs Tenzai - Yoda2798 botched what looked like an advantageous position last week in SM, while Tenzai just came up with a W against the best SS player in the pool in the books of the players I believe. Looking at it from their achievements in SS, the former is the Kickoff winner while the latter was 2nd in a Seasonal that I can't seem to recall which as well as a part of the team and thus the environment that won WCOP. This is honestly a tough-ish call for me; both are good players in my eyes, though right now I'm inclined to believe that Tenzai has the mental edge as well as the higher skill specifically in SS right now (gut feeling).

SS DOU: YoBuddy vs TonyFlygon - The Spanish Heroes's sacrifice is now TonyFlygon in the second SS DOU slot, subbing out Yuichi despite bossing up with a W in SM last week. I'm gonna be real though this is probably a better slot for Tony than the one I proposed in my PRs as SS DOU is definitely easier to get into right now, as long as anyone builds for them. Is there anyone actually building for them though? I hope so! Anyway, YoBuddy is the more experienced player in both SS DOU specifically and in Smogon Doubles as a whole so yeah, I'm going with them.

SS DUU: Demantoid vs SMB - It's SMB vs the Dragonite bringer :psycry:; I have a feeling that somebody's gonna get mished in this bout.

SM DOU: Nido-Rus vs Voltix - Interestingly, both were in SS DOU last week. Nido-Rus is the more renowned player between the two of them in general, and in SM DOU moreso; this, on top Voltix's performance last week which was notably Not Good makes me believe that Nido-Rus will take this. I'm not pointing this out to be a dick or anything, it's and objective assessment and performances like that can happen to anyone; I still personally believe in Voltix as a player and I do think that this match-up is closer than what one would assume.

XY DOU: Mishimono vs JRL - Beat me last week so I am no longer in any position to paint this individual in a negative light.

BW DOU: Biosci vs Mizuhime - Both are BW DOU mainstays so this will be an interesting mu. Biosci has always been a solid reliable player, and it showed when they beat my player last week :psyangry: with a solid team and an interesting tech in Thief Scizor (which won the game cwl). Mizuhime, also an old reliablee, meanwhile got pwned by Deoxys-D (though it does look like their team also gets cucked by Cresselia by extension, mayhaps a significant teambuilding flaw). This is one of the games I want to see live if I can, but right now I'm leaning towards Biosci taking this one.


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Here are my predictions for the week. I put them in hide tags because I'm nice, and I predicted my own team's matchups because I'm a boss.

Spikemuth Spectral Thieves (2) vs. Santalune Storms (4)

SS DOU: Frania vs Shadowmonstr7 - Both these players won last week, however I wasn't the biggest fan of Shadow's team or play last week. Frania also didn't have the cleanest win, but I do have much more confidence in Fran as a player out of the two.

SS DOU: Qwello Lee vs zeefable - VGC newcomer zeefable impressed me for the most part last week, but not so much as to be favoured over the 2020 Circuit Champ, despite him losing last week.

SS DUU: Human vs AtmosphereVGC - Atmosphere just came off a win in DUU and knows the tier, while Human is less experienced with it. Human is the better player in general and builds interesting stuff (a useful skill for DUU) so I could see him win, but I do give Atmosphere the better chances.

SM DOU: MajorBowman vs stax - Bowman didn't play last week while stax got bailed out by Grandma being forgetful in her old age. In all seriousness, stax rolled up last week showing they still know how to game, while Bowman is more of a question mark with no week 1 replay to judge, and IRL circumstances potentially holding him back.

XY DOU: Toxigen vs qsns - Being one of the top players of the tier, and having just won against emforbes, it's difficult to predict against qsns in XY. Toxigen, while not a bad player by any means, will be up against a heavy favourite here.

BW DOU: Yellow Paint vs DaWoblefet - Last week showed that Gods do bleed, but I'm skeptical of Yellow Paint having the Herculean strength required for repeating the task. Wob brought a slightly weird team by his standards and was beaten by a tough customer, while Paint isn't a particularly renowned player in BW, so the mechanics expert has a clear edge. I think Thieves went for the strategy of sacrificing Paint in BW vs Wob and hoping Human can win in DUU, but personally I think their chances would have been better with them reversed; Human would have some chance to upset in BW, and Yellow Paint would still give a roughly even fight in DUU.

Galar Ghosters (2) vs. Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (4)

SS DOU: Zigh vs Paraplegic - Paraplegic has been doing hot in SS recently, and it's difficult to see Zigh being the one to change that. Para likes Zigh-garde, so maybe that pun will help the Ghosters somehow.

SS DOU: Grandmas Cookin vs shrop - shrop is a very solid player, and doing well in SS, while I've seen GMA make some questionable plays in the past, making shrop the easy favourite for me here.

SS DUU: The_Bandit vs kaori - If this was week 1 I'd be predicting the other way, but after Actuarily losing and Hana winning, against weaker and stronger opponents respectively, this is the more likely result. The_Bandit could well steal this game, but going in I'd give Hana the better odds.

SM DOU: emforbes vs Spurrific - This will be an extremely close and hype matchup, but I have to give the edge to the king of SM.

XY DOU: Z Strats vs Memoric - Memoric got bamboozled last week by Mishimono being four Trick Rooms ahead of him, while Z Strats won, but in SS. Both these players are quite good, especially at XY, and should give a great game, but I'd say Memo has more of a home advantage here, giving him the edge.

BW DOU: MetalGro$$ vs Amaranth - Slaying DaWoblefet is no small feat, and while The User Formerly Known As TIN isn't bad, MetalGross will certainly be the heavy favourite after last week's performance.

Hau'oli Haxers (2798) vs Hoenn Heroes (10) - Battle of the double H teams, the Lati twins are faster than Haxorus, but we have the luck to dodge Draco Meteor and KO back with Outrage so we win.

SS DOU: Yoda2798 vs Tenzai - Apparently it's rude or something to predict yourself to win, so I'll just predict Tenzai to lose here instead. From the undeniable fact that 2798 > 10, I don't see how anyone can disagree with this assessment.

SS DOU: YoBuddy vs TonyFlygon - Tony was inactive on Team Europe in DWCoP, so to see him come out of retirement from Doubles to face my own team hurts deeply. For this reason alone, I hope we see YoBuddyTheIceType destroy him.

SS DUU: Demantoid vs SMB - It's hard to predict against the DOU GOAT and top DUU slot, but I'll do it here to not appear biased. DUUmantoid was merely conserving his energy last week in anticipation of facing Los Heroes now, and when he inevitably wins despite the predicts against him it will be all the more satisfying.

SM DOU: Nido-Rus vs Voltix - Both these players lost in SS last week and moved back a generation to SM. I propose that the loser here continues this trend and plays in XY next week.

XY DOU: Mishimono vs JRL - Last week we seen Mishi break boundaries in terms of what plays we thought were possible. I don't know what special move he has prepared for this week, whether that be using Mega Kangaskhan Fake Out through Substitute, Sporing his own Pokemon, or something even more unfathomable, but what I do know is that JRL has no chance.

BW DOU: Biosci vs Mizuhime - I'm increasingly convinced that BW actually stands for Boomer Wars. Luckily, our boomer has type advantage, as Biosci = Grass and Mizuhime = Water.

Bench: Haxers vs Heroes -
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emma predictions. Only doing SS and XY because they're my favorites plus I'm quite busy. I'm not doing my own team because I'm a coward and not as funny as Yoda. Hopefully me going quite in-depth makes up for only six matchup write-ups. Rest of my predictions are still included for DUU / SM / BW and maybe I'll expand write-ups in the future.

Spikemuth Spectral Thieves (2) vs. Santalune Storms (4)

SS DOU: Frania vs Shadowmonstr7

Despite both winning in their debut last week, I was not super impressed with either player. Frania missed a huge opportunity to go Volcarona earlier on Turn 7 for a free set-up opportunity and instead had to relay on voltix misplaying at the end by not putting Volcarona in Grassy Glide range with Dragapult to secure the win. Frania's choice to replace Landorus-Therian with Scrafty on the classic DD Dragapult + QD Volcarona team was interesting as it keeps Intimidate and helps more against best mon Kyurem-Black and the currently dominating Porygon2 at the cost of broken Stealth Rocks and U-Turn.

Shadowmonstr7 played his game on time which was a win in itself, but choked late game by not Heat Waving on Turn 15 and ended up winning due to a lucky paralysis into full paralysis. Beside that egregious mistake that cost them the game, I think they overall played well up to that point against the very scary Substitute Nasty Plot Spectrier with Screens and Clefairy support. However, I don't really like their choice to build around the going-out-of-style Choice Band Zygarde or adding a Tsareena where nothing significantly benefits from dodging priority that it's worth using over Rillaboom. Even with the grass monkey, I'm still not a fan of the team composition overall; it doesn't put enough offensive pressure on.

Overall, I believe Frania is the better player overall and I trust the Circuit / DLT / Seasonal winner more to bring a solid team and not throw the entire game away. He's also on a team with much better SS support which will be important in prep. Storms's SS slots as a whole are shaky (although I think both Shadowmonstr7 and zeefable are solid players), so I'll be surprised every time they win a game.​

SS DOU: Qwello Lee vs zeefable

In Qwello Lee's Week 1 game, Tenzai's Porygon2 entered the field Turn 1. It stayed there the entire 19 turns of the match and did not die. I think Qwello played well, but Tenzai also played very well and had the upper hand in matchup with an invincible space duck and Zapdos. Can really blame Qwello for being unprepared for the latter, but you shouldn't be bringing a team that autoloses to the hottest Pokemon in the format.

zeefable generally impressed me in their debut. Once again, I'm not a fan of Choice Band Zygarde + Mew archetypes, and Toxic Spikes didn't really come into play. They played quite well around Quiver Dace Volcarona which was nice to see, but let a potentially winning path slip through their fingers by not clicking Fake Out on Rillaboom and using Heat Wave with Volcanion on Turn 14. They said they overestimated Kartana's Attack Investment, which leads me to believe they weren't super up to data on SS Doubles which again, is a product of the Storms lacking in SS players.

While zeefable played overall well and I have high hopes for them as they continue to improve, I cannot help but bold 2020's Circuit Champion here. Once again, the Spectral Thieves's vs. Storms's SS support plays a big factor, and the Thieves have the big advantage.​

SS DUU: Human vs AtmosphereVGC

SM DOU: MajorBowman vs stax

XY DOU: Toxigen vs qsns

My faith in qsns paid off when they defeated emforbes in a very impressive Week 1 match. They seem to be back in their comfort zone of XY and that's a very scary sight for every other team. Not only was their play suburb, but so was their prep. They were the only one to utilize the great Mega Gengar + Tyranitar combination, and we even saw the epic Custap set work out.

Welcome to the show Toxigen. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have 0 XY tournament matches played in the last year, so it seems like they're not up to date in the tier. I'm sure they're a respectable player in their own right, but unfortunately I have little faith in XY Toxigen. If this were a SS duel my opinion might change, but I think qsns will feast on the weakest XY slot in the pool.​

BW DOU: Yellow Paint vs DaWoblefet

Galar Ghosters (2) vs. Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (4)

SS DOU: Zigh vs Paraplegic

In my opinion, Paraplegic had probably the best SS performance of any player in Week 1. I watched the replay multiple times and it was hard to find any misplays. I was also a big fan of his Occa Berry, Toxic, Rock Slide, Metagross that was able take down Nido-Rus's Volcanion. I don't like DD Kyurem-Black at all but he played it probably the best you could, and the team needed the offensive punch. Overall their team was a bit too passive for me but it worked very well with DD Kyub as a win condition so who am I to say anything.

On the other hand, we have newcomer Zigh who I know little about. They notably made it to playoffs of Double Classic, while in DLC2 era they went 2-1 in DWCoP but lost in Round 3 of the recent seasonals. Overall, they seem like a competent player, but once again, Ghosters and Squirtles have a clear imbalance of SS support. I'd take a Memoric-Paraplegic-shrop prepping core over most, so I have to go with the better player who also benefits from better support.​

SS DOU: Grandmas Cookin vs shrop

Similar to his teammate, shrop also played very well in his debut. Specifically, he danced well around the surprise Encore Mew. I was a big fan of his team choice as well; he adapted his original DD Dragapult team by adding a Semiroom mode with Diance to help prepare against opposing rising Semiroom builds.

On the other hand, I was not as impressed with Grandmas Cookin's Week 1 battle. He threw away the game by not Mega Evolving with Metagross on Turn 12, and wouldn't have even been in that position if his Metagross had Stomping Tantrum like it should have. I wasn't aware he had much SM experience, so I do expect him to fare a little better in SS where he had a strong DWCoP run.

shrop's one of the best players in the tier at the moment, and I expect him to continue his excellent play in Week 2.​

SS DUU: The_Bandit vs kaori

SM DOU: emforbes vs Spurrific

XY DOU: Z Strats vs Memoric

Probably the match I'm most looking forward. Memoric's one of the most active, dedicated, and best XY players so I'm excited to see what he cooks up after a disappointing Week 1 loss. I'm still confused by his Turn 10 play. I think if he clicked Protect (which he almost certainly had), he had a strong chance to win, but the game was over when he let Gastrodon drop to Energy Ball. I was a fan of his team, and if he played better in the endgame it could have came out with a win.

I was more impressed by Z Strats in Week 1. He took the classic shrop DD Dragapult + QD Volcarona team and played very well throughout. I think if zeefable played optimally at Turn 14, Z Strats had decent chances to lose, but still I was mostly impressed and don't see any real misplays.

Memoric and Z Strats are two very good players, but I'm going to give the people's champ the slight edge in his home field. I don't see Memoric losing twice in his favorite tier. I also think he's more involved and knows the tier better which will help. Even so, Z Strats is a very strong player and has been playing extremely well as of late so I don't be surprised if he wins. I wish we could see Z Strats in SS, but I think him playing XY is whats best for the team.​

BW DOU: MetalGro$$ vs Amaranth

Z Strats if you see this l2p
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DPL 7 Predictions Tour

Week 2 predictions are now closed and the results from week 1 have been tallied.
The top 5 are as follows:
  1. Shadowmonstr7: 215 points
  2. Lunar: 205 points
  3. Sawamura: 170 points
  4. Memoric: 165 points
  5. Mizuhime: 160 points
Well done to the above users. The full leaderboard can be found here. 25 points are awarded for predicting the winning team (or a tie), 10 points for each individual game.

In addition to our users, two additional simulated players are added to the leaderboards. 'Mass Opinion' predicts the most popular choice based for each match. 'The Ape' predicts based on the outcome of games based on me Googling 'rng' and clicking generate a bunch of times, with each outcome given equal weight. The Ape is currently in 6th place with 155 points. Mass Opinion is tied for 7th place with 4 other users with 150 points.

Week 1 predicts recap:
  • The match between MajorBowman and Yuichi did not count for prediction points because MajorBowman was subbed out.
  • One user predicted the outcome of only a single game, Spurrific vs Yoda2798. They correctly predicted Spurrific to win.
  • Four users decided to not predict at all for all their team's games.
  • The biggest upset of the week was DaWoblefet vs MetalGro$$ (32-4). Enzonana, Z Strats, Maki and MetalGro$$ correctly predicted this game.

Week 2 predictions breakdown, favourites in bold.

Spectral Thieves: 8 / Storms: 17 / Tie: 6
  • Frania: 25 / Shadowmonstr7: 5
  • Qwello Lee: 24 / Zeefable: 6
  • Human: 18 / AtmosphereVGC: 12
  • MajorBowman: 7 / Stax: 23
  • Toxigen: 1 / Qsns: 29
  • Yellow Paint: 2 / DaWoblefet: 28
Ghosters: 9 / Squirtles: 16 / Tie: 6

  • Zigh: 5 / Paraplegic: 26
  • Grandmas Cookin: 10 / Shrop: 21
  • The_Bandit: 9 / Kaori: 22
  • Emforbes: 23 / Spurrific: 8
  • Z Strats: 13 / Memoric: 18
  • MetalGro$$: 26 / Amaranth: 5
Haxers: 19 / Heroes: 6 / Tie: 3
  • Yoda2798: 20 / Tenzai: 10
  • YoBuddy: 26 / TonyFlygon: 4
  • Demantoid: 6 / SMB: 24
  • Nido-Rus: 21 / Voltix: 9
  • Mishimono: 17 / JRL: 13
  • Biosci: 26 / Mizhuime: 4
Bonus: How many times will players attempt to set Trick Room with both of their Pokemon on the same turn and fail in week 2?
  • 0: 11 votes
  • 1: 9 votes
  • 2: 3 votes
The most popular (and most boring) response was 0 times. Other responses include 'Yoda2798', 'Hopefully 3, with all of them happening against me so I can win', '2, don't do it Mishimono', '1 and its gonna be yoda or mishimono' and 'its over 9000.'

Total votes: 31
Most one-sided vote: Toxigen vs Qsns (1-29)
Closest vote: Mishimono vs JRL (17-13)
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