Tournament Doubles UU Championship (Check post #159 for FINALS)

TheFourthChaser has been nowhere to be found, so new pair:

osceola vs. Z strats

extension deadline and deadline for anyone who was subbed in is Wednesday July 19 at midnight EST (if you were subbed in really late i can make exceptions if you really can't make wednesday but please try). everyone should be in contact now, so a side note: report your case for an activity win in this thread come your scheduled game time, or on deadline day if your opponent has made no contact with you or something. if i don't hear from either of you itt i'll be forced to coin flip your match which is no bueno. good luck this weekend nerds


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So my opponent left during game 1 and never came back, waited about 10 minutes in case he dc'ed to be safe but I'm going to take that as a forfeit.

EDIT: He came back on and clarified it was a dc before logging out right away so I guess that answers that.
[17:11:41] byronthewellwell: Yeah my bad I cut out
[17:11:52] byronthewellwell: Think you had the game anyway
[17:11:57] byronthewellwell: gg

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