Tournament Doubles UU Winter Showdown II (Won by Demantoid)


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Round 1! Please remember to SAVE AND POST YOUR REPLAYS. For those of you new to Smogon tournaments, if you are the winner, you are required to post in this thread with every games replay and stating that you were the winner. Matches are Best of 3 and you are allowed to switch teams between games. See this post in the thread for the last DUU tournament for an example. The deadline for round 1 is Monday February 4th at 11:59 PM EST. I will post computed usage stats at the end of each round, and will provide the tournament bracket for transparency. The first round pairings were made using the official Smogon bracket maker. Good user Trelloant managed to sign up twice, so we have 46 sign ups + me. One player gets a bye (we got a sub, so we have an even 48 players!). Sorry the official Smogon thing gave us the worst pairings ever.

There's no easy online bracket manager for these kind of tournaments (3 way finals), so you will be able to view the pairings at for this round, and I will post the official link to the second round pairings when they are generated.

fredex86 vs rasmuberry25
Level 51 vs Frania
vs KyleCole
MajorBowman vs txitxas
Nido-Rus vs jugol
vs xqzandala
Yoda2798 vs Moose And Goose
n1n1 vs Sunrose
vs qsns
n10sit vs talkingtree
Paraplegic vs AdamsLudicoloo
Mishimono vs AtmosphereVGC
frisoeva vs Anime Sans
vs Jrenner
Watchog vs laptops
The Cheesen One vs DugZa
vs Lord Death Man
eifo vs Vallex
hua00 vs Yuichii
Howfalcons vs lightninging
Mack Knife vs Mr.GX
LightScreener vs SocialSocialSocial
Metheguy vs zaaya
vs iRKD
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