Tournament DPL FINALS | Won by Santalune Storms


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>>Game Schedule<<
>>Information Megathread<<

#1: Rustboro Baptist Church (1) vs #2: Santalune Storms (4)
SM Doubles OU
Mishimono (3-2) vs Tman (2-2)
Kaori (4-1) vs Hashtag (2-2)
EmbCPT (5-0) vs Psynergy (0-0)
XY Doubles OU
Dawg (4-0) vs Jhon (7-0 lol)
mrbopper (2-2) vs kamikaze (5-2)
BW Doubles OU
qsns (3-2) vs AuraRayquaza (2-3)

Deadline is MORE THAN one week from now: Sunday, June 4, 11:59pm EDT
A few quick notes/reminders:
  • Follow Smogon's Tournament rules (no ghosting, no leaking teams/sets in chat, etc)
  • All games are Best of 1
  • Post all replays for the benefit of Usage Stats and Replays
  • I will grant activity wins or extensions if I have to, but I don't want to be put in that situation
  • Substitutions are allowed, be sure to let the opposing player and manager know ASAP if one needs to happen. If both managers agree to switching matchups around in the same tier to accommodate timezone issues that is fine, but send me a PM on Smogon including both managers so that I know it's legit

lets. get. it.
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#1: Rustboro Baptist Church (4) vs #2: Santalune Storms (2)
SM Doubles OU
Mishimono vs Tman -I've liked what i've seen from tman so far, should be a close on
Kaori vs Hashtag - Aside from the very questionable namechange, nothing Sam has done leads me to doubt his ability to win this game
EmbCPT vs Psynergy - Luck is hard to beat, expecting at least one apology in the win post.
XY Doubles OU
Dawg vs Jhon - Expecting this to look incredibly boring at preview but to be a very good game, going with dawgie
mrbopper vs kamikaze - Kami's been clutch for the storms and I think he wins this one again, he's had some awesome techs so far, expecting more of the same.
BW Doubles OU
qsns vs AuraRayquaza - Formerly cute user has been solid in BW and think he's the better overall player here, going with qsns.


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We had a deep run, Space Jams; good job, guys! We have a lot of great players in our relatively compact roster, and I am proud to be a part of your team! It was particularly fun meeting 'new' talents like Misaki~ and DaWoblefet, bringing their VGC prowess to the DOU scene :pimp:

Thanks shaian for engaging in a bid war to get me into the Jams! It's gud to know that you and stratos wanted to draft me :heart: My record isn't as good as I liked, especially due to some hax in one week and feeling a bit burned out in another. I'm glad that I was able to pull my weight in the semis :>

Thanks Stratos for donking me in our practice matchas -_-;;
Thanks I Am a Rookie for the killer Snorlax squad ;)
BlueSkiddo - shame that you didn't get to start, but thanks for being involved anyways and help me figure out what to bring vs my SM opponents :]
Matt, my fellow oldie who somehow ended up in Doubles with me :] You make amazing reads and ur spex tran is beast
Misaki~ believe in urself man! Wished you had more play time in XY, cuz you definitely deserved it!
Nido-Rus, love ur innovation man; particularly ur FullRoom Imprison Goth team B)
DaAwesomeDude1, a mid-season regular SPL player :] Your record does not do you justice. It was a pleasure testing and brainstorming with you!
DaWoblefet - thanks for holding strong in the SM front alongside with Demantoid! I appreciated ur down-to-earth-ness and being open to feedback!
Demantoid - you did a lot of the heavylifting for us jams with ur heat teams :> Your Guard Swap Curselax team was some Chase-tier epik shiet. I'm sorry that my tiebreaker match inspired you to build a Diancie team for ur tiebreaker - you probably had better teams in your arsenal :[

#jammin :afrostar:

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Season is also over for me because Sam insists on benching me to play cuter users like mrbopper and qsns, so here's my list of shoutouts to the team which I havent interacted with much at all this season:

Kaori: change your name back you swine. is a fake australian, messes with his sleep cycle to try to fit with our timezones but doesn't do it properly. smh jk love u ur cute <3
Dawg: good user, insults sam a lot, sorry you didn't get traded like you wanted to :( hope you get a better manager next season!!
EmbCPT: stand-in cute user since qsns tried to go manly. since mr portugal is 5-0 (about to be 6-0) and qsns is not, guess we know which persona is better to take huh? keep being luckyngood :3
qsns: i liked the cute version better, but manly qsns is kinda dece as well i guess. s/os for being amazing at bw despite actually not being alive during bw
mrbopper: such a good user and good at xy too!! (even though you dont use geopass smh). i feel like you should probably stay away from electric-types for about 4 years or so.
Mishimono: mish mish
Pearl: you're on the team?
rozes: thx for not bringing mono baby ghost i guess :s
Level 56: congrats on getting drafted

Final shoutouts to the wonderful host talkingtree for actually knowing how to operate the spreadsheet and for doing a wonderful job of it :D anyone who can operate a spreadsheet is a good guy in my books! oh and also the rounds and stuff were managed well too i guess

Was a fun ride, glad that I managed to be on the winningest team by going 0-1 and giving Sam a lot of head pats!!!!! :cross: :angel:

Good luck to both Church and Jams this week!!
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#1: Rustboro Baptist Church (0) vs #2: Santalune Storms (6)
SM Doubles OU
Mishimono vs Tman - Overall play has been pretty much on point here, expecting a good game but Tman should take this
Kaori vs Hashtag - SamVGC is a good player, dunno why he isnt playing this week. Hashtag should have no issues with this kaori dude
EmbCPT vs Psynergy - 2 undefeated players squaring off in the finals, brilliant. The only real difference is that psynergy needed no luck to not lose a game to this point, so he should beat emb
XY Doubles OU
Dawg vs Jhon - lmao Jhon has been on fire this dpl its crazy, dunno how you can go against him tbh
mrbopper vs kamikaze - kami always comes up with the Ws when we need Ws so predicting him to get another one here, but bopper could be looking for revenge. Still kami wins this
BW Doubles OU
qsns vs AuraRayquaza - i really dont think one safeguard mon will be enough for you given what im going to bring vs you

We've made it this far against everyones predictions, but this could be our best series yet
Judging by Sam liking my post he thinks that I'm joking. Next he'll change his FB DP to some anime crap, you've really got to stop this weeb stuff before it spreads.
I had a lot of fun in DPL (finally got to a computer)

Kinda frustrated of the way I went out, but can't blame the game.

Stratos: You've been a real cool guy and were a real big help in pointing out obvious flaws in my teams, and all the practice matches we did helped a ton. I hope you get unbanned, because you're a really awesome person and I enjoyed being in a chat with you.

shaian: Fellow Fire Emblem Heroes addict, and our manager. Like Stratos I enjoyed talking with you, hope we can still chat even though we're out of the competition.

Demantoid: Your Whimsicott+Ninetales team was super rad, and I'm glad you let me use it for my match against Tman. Your squads are awesome

Pocket: Thanks for all the moral support, and testing especially in Gen 6.

matt: You were a big help when I was prepping for Gen 6 matches, I wish I could have finished the job with your amazing team, but it wasn't to be.

Nido-Rus: Your teams are always awesome, glad I could play around with some of them.

DaWoblefet: Fellow VGC player, you did a lot of heavy lifting in Sun and Moon, and you helped me prep against Tman by analyzing teams he was more sucessful with in VGC and how that could translate into doubles.

I Am a Rookie: Chase, you're so funny and were a big help in testing. I enjoyed our multigen bo7s

Hope I can play again, but if not, it was a great experience and really solidified that I am going to get more involved here


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Good DPL experience for the most part, always a pleasure to team with Memo and Bowman. This tour definitely opened my eyes to the talent of players on my team like Matame, SableyeMyBae, GenOne, and reaffirmed my own high praise for nvakna. Glad im on better terms with mizu and others after this one, was a pleasure tramplers. Sad we couldn't pull out a win until the last week.

Rooting for Kami to win his game as he's been really solid lately, but would like to see KaoriVGC win this as I think he definitely drafted the best team.

Big thanks to talkingtree and that awesome and handsome user running the replays and usage stats thread here (which you all should go drop likes on because he did a great job)!


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This was something nice to come back to after a pretty torturous weekend.
Thanks to all the Storms, we made it. Being universally ranked last can be some pretty good motivation.
Thanks to Kaori and Dawg too for being accommodating with late scheduling issues. If you still wanna play the game we can work something out.
And I don't wanna make any promises, but I'll try to be more active on the forum. I do really love doubles and should contribute.

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