DPP Cup VII - Round 2

BlazingDark wishes for an extension to Wednesday, and I agreed, he's been playing the other Smogon Classics and it's late at night for him. Pls grant us an extension request ty.
Rodriblutar and I have added each other on discord and we would like to have an extension to play our set (I wasn't able to play before Thursday and he wasn't available for the rest of the week).


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bynum  vs  Akashi -- Akashi put minimal effort into scheduling and bynum was the only one trying to get the game done. bynum wins on activity.

A Hero's Destiny  vs  64 Squares -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

Luigi  vs  Playor -- Playor never responded. Luigi wins on activity.

Gt0 vs. Lord Ninjax -- Lord Ninjax missed the scheduled time. Gt0 wins on activity.

Clone  vs  John W -- John W never responded. Clone wins on activity.

karamanero  vs  Ran$om_II_Regal -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

nightcore  vs  Ninjadog -- nightcore missed multiple scheduled times. Ninjadog wins on activity.

CyberOdin✝  vs  Anique -- Anique missed scheduled time. CyberOdin✝wins on activity.

shade  vs  Togkey -- Couldn't agree to a single time but both put in a decent effort. Extension.

Hyogafodex  vs  TheLonelyNIhilego -- TheLonelyNihilego missed the scheduled time. Hyogafodex wins on activity.

gorex  vs  Melle2402 -- Melle2402 stopped responding and gorex called activity (over Discord). gorex wins on activity.

zioziotrip  vs  mikmer -- Extension requested. Extension.

HSA  vs  Jake Moran -- Jake Moran never responded. HSA wins on activity.

Izzysan2022  vs  TDK -- Izzysan2002 never responded. TDK wins on activity.

august  vs  SM Larvitar -- SM Larvitar hasn't logged on since Monday and august called activity (over Discord). august wins on activity.

Maya  vs  giove97 -- Maya missed scheduled time. giove97 wins on activity.

Analysc  vs  antemortem -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

Rezzo  vs  Mike Cometa -- Mike Cometa stopped responding. Rezzo wins on activity.

Szandora  vs  Louna -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

Nazip  vs  Masty Ludenberg -- Masty Ludenberg never responded. Nazip wins on activity.

bb skarm  vs  Nails -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

Yoshi  vs  Groudon -- Yoshi never responded. Groudon wins on activity.

Hervalt  vs  Ceoh -- Ceoh never responded. Hervalt wins on activity.

SidTheShuckle  vs  BlazingDark -- Extension requested. Extension.

Rubyblood  vs  Charmflash -- Charmflash never responded. Rubyblood wins on activity.

Rcotr001  vs  beauts -- No visible contact. Coinflip.

zeefable  vs  jacob -- jacob missed the scheduled time. zeefable wins on activity.

Scythe.  vs  Jisoo -- Jisoo never responded. Scythe. wins on activity.

Dflo  vs  Mr pepper3930 -- Mr pepper3930 never responded. Dflo wins on activity.

Lionyx  vs  Luispeikou -- Luispeikou missed the scheduled time. Lionynx wins on activity.

TPP  vs  Perish Song -- Extension requested (over Discord). Extension.

Star  vs  bharmalm -- Started rescheduling into the Extension period. Extension.

Ainzcrad  vs  ukaaa -- Started rescheduling into the Extension period. Extension.

Rodriblutar  vs  Christos -- Extension requested. Extension.

MichaelderBeste2  vs  oversway -- Scheduled for "Friday" but there was no contact, no match done, and nobody called activity. Coinflip.

crying  vs  Sky of Doom -- crying stopped responding. Sky of Doom wins on activity.

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