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eh I just think Slowking is more replaceable, whereas Skuntank is in a league of its own. Entire teams can be invalidated due to a weakness to trapping, a phenomenon that's hardly unique to DPP NU, and Skuntank is just miles ahead of any other option in the tier.

Depending on the team you can often replace Slowking with a similar mon and may not even need to shift another mon to compensate for the change. I mean, notably, Regirock itself is such a good special sponge at this point too that Slowking has become less essential for checking fires, though obviously there's nothing wrong with running the two together so long as the rest of the team makes sense with it.

But there are teams where replacing Slowking with Politoed or Mantine will most definitely improve the team because the weakness to Skuntank is a problem. (Or frankly teams that forgo a water type at all, and just rely on Regirock.) It's a lot harder to think of teams that have a Skuntank on them that are improved by replacing the Skuntank.
I think a similar argument can be made about Regirock and I would also rate Regi above Slowking, though there at least have been phases in the past where Cradily was considered more on par with Regirock than it is today.


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Btw if someone wants the OP they're free to it, just have an roa mod give you the OP, I'm too out of the loop to make a decision on ranking placement


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Hypno should drop to B+ or B. It's basically a matchup pick now; if I think my opponent will use an offensive team without Skuntank, Hypno is still potentially a great choice, but otherwise it's just not worth it. The meta has too much Skuntank and too much Toxic nowadays for Hypno to be worthy of A.
I was one of the last couple people who still used Hypno somewhat regularly in NUPL/Classic matches, but I think what I said here is still accurate. It has terrible matchups against most of the current meta that make it really hard to justify. Another more recent thing working against it has been Medicham's drop in strength due to the rise in usage of Toxic+Protect, especially on Regirock, and of Ghost-types other than Haunter, which both mean it has a really hard time finding chances to use High Jump Kick. One of Hypno's biggest selling points was that it was one of very few true counters to Medicham (unlike Slowking who gets wrecked by Thunder Punch, and obviously unlike Lickilicky) while also countering a lot of special attackers. With most teams now just kind of soft-countering Medicham naturally, that selling point has mostly disappeared. I support Hypno dropping to B, and I also think Medicham should drop to A+.

I also agree entirely with Bughouse about Slowking being more replaceable than either Regirock or Skuntank, though I think those three are all very clearly S-rank material so it doesn't really matter.

they are very handy attackers. they can stop opponent's sweeper by fake out. their only shortcoming is walled by rock-types easily, but it is not so significant. also, they can be a good lead of crimate party with sunny or rain, taunt, u-turn.

recommend sets:flare blitz/sunny day/will-o-wisp/morning sun@heat rock
He is a great check of fire-types by fantastic ability of flash fire. also, he can cripple many physical attackers by will-o+morningsun. with the ability of check opponent's fire types, and great speed, he can be the greatest sunny day inducer in the tier, I think. the set above is very useful, so l recommend adding him to all sunny-parties.

he is a fantastic wall breaker with great psysical bulk and speed. After attacking, the opponent get a free-turn, so maybe threat like berrydrum lioone can be hell, that is shortcoming fore sure, so we should use him defensive party. even if so, we should not underestimate this 'monster'.

Choice-band relicanth is one of the greatest wall breaker in the tier, I think. and rock polish+life orb relicanth is one of the greatest sweeper. also, with fantastic physical bulk and resistance to normal, he is a good counter to physical normals. he should not be underestimated.
choice-scarf rampardos exspeeds tauros, so great as a fast normal-resist attacker. choice band is also good. he should be ranked higher.
He is great as a stealth-settler. he have a niche as a rock type that immune to earthquake, and not weak to hitmonchan, the most common spinuser, by powerful zen-headbutt. He also has the option sets such as rockpolish+batonpass, dual screen+explosion.

Girafarig is a great baton supporter. After reflect+lightscreen+agility+batonpass , many attacker( for exsample, marowak) goes hell.

A great defensive pokemon, great spin blocker. he can wall medicham and hitmonchan completely, and tauros, slaking as well. and the greatest thing is 'not weak to pursuit', unlike other ghost- and psychic-types. in fact, he is a only pokemon that can wall fighting-types and not weak to pursuit in this tier, i guess. He can be a good choice as a greatest fighting- and normal-types counter for many teams.
duskrops is as well a good spin blocker, with completely walling hitmonchan, so should be ranked higher.

His toxic+sub set is very powerful and annoying, with fantastic special bulk and great recoverly of roost, powerful ice beam and super-annoying ability of pressure.


I think that he is inferior to tauros with less speed, less coverage (he can't touch rock- and steel-types) less bulk, more damage by stealth rock. His only good point compared to tauros is powerful brave bird, neutral damage to ghost. but only this thing can't rise him so much, I think.

I don't agree with gligar ranked so high. his niche is that strong to ground types, and can set up stealth rock, with blocking opponent's stealth rock with taunt, but thats all. we definitely can't say he is strong to fighting-types (hitmonchan usually curry ice punch), and he is weak to jynx, an major lead. B+ maybe suitable.

I can't understand rhydon's niche in this tier. as a rock type wall-breaker, relicanth or rampardos will be much better. He can't have significant role in this tier, because most electric- and fire- types carries HP grass. Golem is somewhat better, with sucher punch and explosion.

Just fast ball. he is not so strong as a special attacher. He is not bad as a rain dance inducer, but at best 'not bad'. I think pokemon like skuntank is better as a rain dance inducer, because he can not only rain+explosion, but also damaging opponent's slowking (one of the solidest counter to rain-party) by pursuit.

I understand that hypno is good wish-supporter, but it is too weak of skuntank.
lickylicky is also a great wisher, but he has no resistance so he is difficult to counter someone, and weak to fighting-types, very common sweepers in this tier. Because most available stealth-rock-settlers in this tire weak to fighting types, adding one more weak-to-fighting supporter tend to be a bit difficult.


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