DPP DPP OU Global Championships 2020: Round 2

There are many unplayed games which I wish to give extensions to. However, it is rather unfeasible to do more than a few extensions going into Stage 2, so I will be giving a general extension (for everyone), to Sunday, July 5 at 7:00 PM EDT (UTC-4). If you have not played one or both of your games, please get scheduling or re-scheduling now. If you have played both of your games, please ignore this post.
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I'm in contact with both of my opponents, and i can get my matches done 100% within the extension
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I scheduled with Mister Tim for Tuesday, I had some issues at home so asked him to reschedule for today, now he lost our schedule. I'll try to reschedule with him for this weekend, but in case that's not possible, could we get an extension?


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Edit: For some reasons -Niko- didn't want to schedule on his wall and never tried to contact me in any sort of way. Calling act cus my opp hasn't shown any effort in order to have this games done when I could basically play every day.
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