DPP DPP OU Summer Seasonal #1: Round 1


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Activity Calls:

Lord Ninjax vs Drowsy Cheesecake: Drowsy Cheesecake put significantly more effort into getting the game done than Lord Ninjax.
Sprinkles vs Asuya: Sprinkles called act, no response from Asuya.
Marshall.Law vs Bouff: Bouff gave him the win.
TheJFrenzy vs DnB: TheJFrenzy gave him the win.
MetalGro$$ vs shawyu 1313: shawyu 1313 called act, no response from MetalGro$$
Hassin627 vs Vay: Hassin627 gave him the win.
CKW vs Raining Inside: CKW gave him the win.
Kev vs TheDarkSwirl: TheDarkSwirl gave him the win.
RCred403 vs toytean: toytean called act, no response from RCred403
Misterioussaint vs -PkmTrainerBlue-: Misterioussaint gave him the win.
Hardw1re vs Dankoc: Dankoc contacted but opponent never responded.
Vusty. vs Quartosa: Vusty. called activity and receives the win.

Staraptor vs Skilpad
obii vs Finchinator
PNDGuzma vs jcbc
vs Blazeilyass

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes within 24 hours, posting Round 2 shortly.
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