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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if PS could offer the option for people to use the DPPt sprites rather than the HGSS sprites when playing dpp on any server. I can imagine a popular response would be that only the latest version of the sprites from that generation would be used for consistency purposes however in the case of gen 4, there are substantial differences in the sprites where it makes a difference. This suggestion could even be extended for other generations so people could use rb sprites over rby sprites. At the end of the day, all of these online simulators are there to fulfill a childhood passion in pokemon so bringing back some of the nostalgia from the old Shoddy Battle days is not an outrageous nor an excessive request to make.



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[22:22] Zarel: I'm ok with that if someone gives me the sprites
If someone is willing to provide the official sprites (in sizes that match the size of the sprites currently on PS for that generation) we can add a dropdown/some way that lets players opt-in to using those sprites during games.

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