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  • Extremely powerful STAB Bolt Beak does massive damage even to resists if it moves first or the target switches.
  • Solid secondary Dragon STAB and High Horsepower give it good coverage.
  • Able to Dynamax to keep Hustle and Life Orb boost with 100% accurate Max moves.
  • Max Lightning sets Electric Terrain to further boost its power. Max Quake and Max Wyrmwind helps Dracozolt and its partner take less damage from special and physical attacks respectively.
  • Electric / Dragon typing gives handy resistances to Flying, Fire, Water, Grass and Electric and a paralysis immunity.
  • Weak to some common attacking types such as Ground, Fairy and Dragon.
  • 90/90/70 bulk allows it to survive most neutral hits, especially with a Spdef boost from Max Quake.
  • Middling base 75 speed is slower than a number of top pokemon, such as Excadrill, Arcanine, Dragapult, Whimsicott and Rotom
  • Using Hustle drops accuracy by 20%, making attacking outside of Dynamax risky.

name: Life Orb 3 Attacks
move 1: Bolt Beak
move 2: High Horsepower
move 3: Dragon Claw
move 4: Protect
item: Life Orb
ability: Hustle / Volt Absorb
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Set Description

  • Bolt Beak is your main attack, deals double damage when you go first
  • High Horsepower hits Excadrill and Rhyperior and boosts Spdef when Dynamaxed
  • Dragon Claw is secondary STAB and hits Dragapult, Dracovish, and Hydreigon and can lower the opponent's attack when Dynamaxed
  • Adamant Nature for power, Jolly to force speed ties against opposing base 75s.
  • 252/252 to maximise speed and power

Usage Tips
  • Dracozolt can be used in the early-game to punch holes in the opposing team or it can clean up weakened teams in the late-game.
  • Using Dracozolt alongside the team's Tailwind setter or Dynamaxed Flying type allows Dracozolt to use Bolt Beak most effectively.
  • Dynamaxing Dracozolt prevents misses and can reduce the opponent's damage via Max Quake and Max Wyrmwind. Particularly useful if Dracozolt can't move first. Max Lightning does less damage than a doubled Bolt Beak, a Dracozolt player must be wary of this before Dynamaxing.
  • Avoid letting opposing Flying-types to Dynamax freely, with the HP and speed boosts Dracozolt might not be able to OHKO them.
  • Dracozolt can prevent GMax Lapras from setting Aurora Veil because Bolt Beak OHKOs.
  • Some matchups will allow Dracozolt to be played defensively. Dracozolt resists all of Gyarados' common attacks and most Flying-types in the tier don't carry coverage to hit Dracozolt for super effective damage. After a Spdef boost from Max Quake Dracozolt can take on Charizard and Torkoal more reliably.

Team Options
  • Whimsicott boosts speed with Prankster Tailwind
  • Flying types are immune to Ground and boost speed with Tailwind or Max Airstream.
  • Trick Room checks (strong spread attackers eg. Sylveon. Slow/bulky pokemon eg. Rhyperior. Imprison + Trick Room eg. Mew)
  • Intimidate checks (Braviary also gets Tailwind/ Max Airstream. Strong Rock types eg. Tyranitar)
  • Trick Room can be used to punish opposing Tailwind and make Dracozolt move first again.

Other Options
  • Lum Berry can be used to prevent burns.
  • Choice Scarf helps fix Dracozolt's middling speed at the cost of being locked into a single move.
  • Volt Absorb is a good option on teams where Dracozolt's partners are more likely to Dynamax.
  • Aerial Ace bypasses Hustle's accuracy drop and can raise Dracozolt's speed via Max Airstream.
  • Low Kick hits Excadrill and Rhyperior super effectively and can raise attack with Max Knuckle. Be wary of Dynamaxed pokemon, they are immune to weight based moves

Checks and Counters

Ground-types: Immune to Bolk Beak and threaten to OHKO Dracozolt. Excadrill and Rhyperior are weak to ground so they must be wary of High Horsepower/ Max Quake.

Dragon-types: Many of the Dragons in the tier outspeed Draczolt and threaten to OHKO it with their STAB moves.

Whimsicott: Whimsicott outspeeds and threatens Dracozolt with a super effective Moonblast as well as being able to set Tailwind with +1 priority. Dracozolt also fails to OHKO a Whimsicott that has its Focus Sash broken.

Faster Pokemon: Dracozolt needs to move first to be effective and will require speed control against faster pokemon.

Opposing speed control: Dracozolt relies on moving first so any means of speed control (eg. Tailwind/Trick Room) greatly reduces its power.

Lightning Rod: Prevents Dracozolt from hitting either target with Bolt Beak. Rarely seen in DOU however.

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- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2], [username3, userid3]]
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Just saw that in the sample set (not the one in the post) for doubles is showing Brick Break as a move option but it doesn't learn it, important to consider for correcting it

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