Pokémon Dracozolt


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Type - Electric / Dragon
Base Stats - 90 HP / 100 Atk / 90 Def / 80 SAtk / 70 SDef / 75 Spe

Abilities: Volt Absorb | Hustle | Sand Rush (HA, unavaliable)

  1. Level Up Moves:
  2. - [01] Tackle
  3. - [01] Thunder Shock
  4. - [07] Charge
  5. - [14] Aerial Ace
  6. - [21] Ancient Power
  7. - [28] Pluck
  8. - [35] Dragon Tail
  9. - [42] Stomp
  10. - [49] Slam
  11. - [56] Discharge
  12. - [63] Bolt Beak
  13. - [70] Dragon Pulse
  14. - [77] Dragon Rush
  15. TMs:
  16. - [TM00] Mega Punch
  17. - [TM01] Mega Kick
  18. - [TM05] Thunder Punch
  19. - [TM08] Hyper Beam
  20. - [TM09] Giga Impact
  21. - [TM13] Fire Spin
  22. - [TM14] Thunder Wave
  23. - [TM21] Rest
  24. - [TM22] Rock Slide
  25. - [TM24] Snore
  26. - [TM25] Protect
  27. - [TM33] Rain Dance
  28. - [TM34] Sunny Day
  29. - [TM39] Facade
  30. - [TM48] Rock Tomb
  31. - [TM54] Rock Blast
  32. - [TM66] Thunder Fang
  33. - [TM68] Fire Fang
  34. - [TM76] Round
  35. - [TM81] Bulldoze
  36. - [TM97] Brutal Swing
  37. - [TM98] Stomping Tantrum
  38. - [TM99] Breaking Swipe
  39. TRs:
  40. - [TR01] Body Slam
  41. - [TR02] Flamethrower
  42. - [TR07] Low Kick
  43. - [TR08] Thunderbolt
  44. - [TR09] Thunder
  45. - [TR10] Earthquake
  46. - [TR15] Fire Blast
  47. - [TR20] Substitute
  48. - [TR24] Outrage
  49. - [TR26] Endure
  50. - [TR27] Sleep Talk
  51. - [TR31] Iron Tail
  52. - [TR37] Taunt
  53. - [TR47] Dragon Claw
  54. - [TR62] Dragon Pulse
  55. - [TR67] Earth Power
  56. - [TR75] Stone Edge
  57. - [TR80] Electro Ball
  58. - [TR86] Wild Charge
  59. - [TR94] High Horsepower
Tutor - Draco Meteor

Notable Moves

Bolt Beak
Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw
Fire Blast
Fire Fang

New Moves

Bolt Beak: 85 BP Physical Electric move that doubles in power when the target moves after the user.

General overview of the Pokemon, positives/negatives


-It's stats may look lame, but Bolt Beak's absurd 170 BP STAB power when Dracozolt moves first is freakishly powerful, just a bit weaker than Victini's V-create in fact!

-It's got a unique typing that gives it some very valuable resists, such as 4x to Electric, and 2x to Fire , Flying, Water, Steel, and Grass. It resists Ferrothron's stabs which is really cool.

-It's movepool is small, but it has just enough to have good coverage. In particular, it gets Fire-moves so unlike many vs Electric-types, Ferrothorn is NOT safe vs Dracozolt!

-If you really want to roll the dice, Hustle lets Dracozolt become disgustingly powerful (about on par with Mega Rayquaza power wise rofl)


-It's pretty slow, and Sand Rush being unlreased means that important targets like Gyarados can outspeed and maul you (unless they use Power Whip over Earthquake hehehe).

-Unless you're risking it with hustle, Dracozolt doesn't do that much damage with its coverage move due to its low offenses, it mostly nukes slower stuff with Bolt Beak.

-Outside of Hustle, Volt Absorb is not a very inspiring ability, even if its neat for blocking Volt Switch.

-Dracozolt does pretty poorly against quite a few Ground-types such as Hippowdon and Mamoswine

Dynamaxing potential

-Beleive it or not, the first hit of a Max Lighting won't be as powerful as Bolt Beak! However, Dynamaxing could be very dangerous if used with Hustle. Now, I'm not sure if we know if Hustle interacts with Dynamax yet (it might not, since it doesn't with Gorrilla tactics). However, if it does, it makes Dracozolt extremely powerful while Dynamaxed!

-That being said, if Hustle ends up not working with Dynamax, it's probably not that great of a choice due to the reliacne on Bolt Beak, only Dynamax in situations that really call for it.

Potential Movesets

Dracozolt @ Choice Scarf / Choice Band
Ability: Volt Absorb / Hustle
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Bolt Beak
- Earthquake
- Outrage
- Fire Fang

So the most obvious route to using Dracozolt is to patch up that medicore speed, right? Bolt Beak still does PLENTY of damage without an attack boost, doing arund 90% min to Toxapex, impressive for a scarfer! You got Earthquake and Fire Fang for coverage against steels, and Outrage for Dragon-type STAB. You'll need Jolly to outspeed Baraskewda, but note that Dragapult always outspeeds.

If you want disgusting power, Choice Band or Hustle is for you. With this, Bolt Beak actually OHKOs max HP Tyranitar after Stealth Rock, to give you an idea of its power! I can't even imagine how overkill CB + Hustle can be...

Dracozolt @ Life Orb / Expert Belt
Ability: Volt Absorb / Hustle
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant / Naughty Nature
- Bolt Beak
- Earthquake
- Outrage / Draco Meteor
- Flamethrower / Fire Fang

So why would you lose the choice item? Simple: This lets you destroy Ferropex cores, and do better against teams with Corviknight too! While Fire Fang is cool for Hustle shenigans, I like the sounds of Flamethrower since it still 2HKOs Ferrothorn without the iron barbs recoil. Draco Meteor is the closest thing you'll do to messing with Hippowdon switch-ins, so thats neat. If you manage to get Hydreigon to slow down with paralysis or something, LO Draco Meteor will also OHKO that! Expert Belt is also a reasonable option if Life Orb is taken up, since Bolt Beak will still OHKO Toxapex with that.


Overall, I can see Dracozolt being a bit niche because of that speed tier (at least until sandrush hits), but Bolt Beak is so stupidly powerful that I think it's worth a shot! It also helps that it has a reasonable movepool, and actual scary power if you dance with lady luck via hustle!
Hustle does work with dynamax from what I have read in OU uncharted and mechanics. I think it should be first slash because of it.

I actually think as a whole the CB > Scarf. You aren't outspeeding that many things with scarf and you are sacrificing a lot of power. Personally think it's better to emphasize it's strengths here in annihilating slower mons, and using dynamax to get out of choice and abuse hustle boosted max moves when relevant.


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Really love this mon from the little testing I've done in OU. Really watertight check to Gyarados with a Shuca Berry, and it only really needs Substitute and/or Taunt to really mess with defensive mons. I definitely prefer Fire Fang over Earthquake as it does a number on Ferrothorn, especially with Hustle. Not a fan of Choice Dracozolt in theory, it honestly doesn't need the power boost too much with how nuclear Hustle Bolt Beak can be, and Dynamax has a lower oportunity cost in 3v3 than it does elsewhere so it's item the rest of the time could be better used to support the ability (Wide Lens lol) or to boost Dracozolt's bulk to complement its unique set of resistances (the aforementioned Shuca Berry for Gyarados). Pairs exceptionally well with Sticky Web!
Since Hustle and Life Orb work in Dynamax (and specifically that Choice items are embargoed while active), Dynamax Dracozolt @ Life Orb may have a place in the back as a revenge sweeper in BSD, possibly spiking the damage even higher with a Helping Hand support or Power Spot Stonjourner.

A current popular lead is Tailwind from Prankster Whimsicott w/Dracovish to sneak a quick OHKO attempt with Fishious Rend. Dracozolt fits well both as a replacement lead when versus a rain line-up, as well as a convincing dynamax target if brought from the back. Stonjourner is just to pile on/may just be meme bonus dynamax damage that should really be a ghost (to hard-swap Whimsicott in for any anticipated opposing Fake Out from Grimsnarl and friends when they attempt to stop a predicted Tailwind (no Scrappy/Pixelate can learn Fake Out this gen)).
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