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Announcement Dragonite Suspect Voter ID Thread

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Post here if you've achieved the suspect requirements, which are a minimum of 75.5 GXE and at least 70 games played.

Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Make sure all the information is shown or your post will be ignored. Remember that your alt must start with "1VDN" to count.

The suspect period will end November 6th, 11:59 PM EST.


Proof of reqs & ownership:

75.6% > 75.5%
158 > 70
I have my username in the top right corner and to the left of the chat bar.

I have two usernames in top 10 now:

Reqs were pretty good to fence out the mob of low ladder legends and mid-tier mediocre players. Hax were annoying and often put me less than 60% before the 15-game benchmark, at which point I just restarted. (That's why I had 30+ unregistered alts with 5 or less battles.) Finally hit 75.5% GXE after numerous close shots within one percentage point. I suggest that with high reqs GXE should be scaled to W/L so that consistency can rule out over hax. Anyway this has been a wonderful metagame in late gen 7 despite all your idiotic gimmicks and sleep and paraflinch and subseed and stall and dnite. Thank you to all my fellow 1v1 community contributors, who have continued to support me despite some stains. This is also the first suspect test I qualified for. (Thanks to 361 Fan for forfeiting every game we played)

Team credits:
mainly myself
Synonimous's 2 cores, 1 team
Lancer Fr's sample team that loses to Smeargle
Tol's "Sligh"
TDA's krook + zardx + gard
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Don't know how many people will read this, but I'm pretty new to 1v1 and have only been playing the tier for about 5-6 months but that's beside the point. This laddering session took about 18-19 more games than it needed to. Here's the replay of the 70th game... After that, I tilted a ton (down to around 72.6 gxe with 79 games played and it didn't help that Waylaid was tormenting me about it the rest of the way (lmao thanks man). I ended up winning 9 in a row from 56-22 with my last battle being vs Waylaid which I found hilarious. Ended up changing teams pretty often. I barely build my own stuff so i mostly used Synonimous or Dragonmirror teams that they gave me (thanks guys! this is the brainless clicker lmao). EDIT: Also used this one team a ton that Gym Socks! gave me. btw not holding anything against Waylaid. I think he's a great player and miles ahead of me. Just happened to be a really weird night :/
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