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QCs: Mr Aldo / Teachable / x
GPs: x / x


  • Bearing a good offensive and defensive typing, above average Speed, access to Swords Dance, in tandem with useful coverage moves such as Aqua Tail or Earthquake, it carves itself a niche to break or sweep unprepared teams.
  • It's decent Speed allows it to outspeed common Pokemon like Roserade, Moltres and Meloetta to hit them super-effectively with either it's STAB attacks or coverage moves.
  • With the introduction of Z-moves, it gave Drapion a new tool to exploit its checks easily. Specifically, being able to break down prominent bulky Ground-types such as Mega-Steelix and Rhyperior.
  • While it has decent speed, it falls short to the likes of Flygon and Shaymin hitting Drapion super-effectively with their attacks. Due to it's low Special Defence, it's highly susceptible to strong Special Attackers that outpace it like Salazzle and Swellow.
  • It also struggles a great deal to break through many Defensive Pokemon such as Mandibuzz, Pyukumuku and Milotic.
  • It inherently faces competition from other offensive Dark-types in the tier such as Pangoro and Honchkrow, all of which have more offensive utility as well as fitting onto a lot of teams better.
  • Due to its somewhat lackluster Attack stat in comparison to other Swords Dance users, it finds itself being outclassed by a sizeable amount of Pokemon in the tier.
  • Drapion relies heavily on Swords Dance and Z-Moves to boost its damage output since base 90 Attack is extremely underwhelming for a sweeper or a wallbreaker.

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Knock Off
move 3: Poison Jab
move 4: Aqua Tail
item: Waterium Z
ability: Sniper
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


  • Swords Dance boosts Drapion's mediocre Attack to respectable levels, allowing it to wallbreak or sweep efficiently.
  • Knock Off is a spammable and useful STAB move which provides utility even when Drapion hasn't set up and removes the opposing Pokemon's item, dealing strong damage to unresisted targets.
  • Poison Jab is also a reliable STAB which threatens many common Knock Off switch-ins such as Chesnaught, Florges and Virizion. Furthermore, it has a nice 30% chance to poison enemies, which can help tremendously in some situations.
  • Aqua Tail is crucial coverage, letting Drapion hit numerous targets such as Mega-Steelix, Gligar and Rhyperior when powered up by Waterium Z, all of which would otherwise counter Drapion.

Set Details

  • 252 EVs in Attack and Speed maximize Drapion's offensive presence.
  • A Jolly nature is needed to outspeed Pokemon such as Rotom-Heat, Roserade and Gardevoir.
  • Waterium Z is necessary to hit bulky Ground-types like Mega-Steelix.
  • If there is already a Z move user in your team, Shuca Berry can be used to avoid taking much damage from the likes of Gligar and Flygon to set up or attack them.
  • Sniper powers up critical hits, which, while not the most reliable way to net KOs, can come in handy sometimes.
  • Alternatively, Battle Armor can also be used, preventing Drapion from struck by a critical hit, which can be useful for setting up Swords Dance.

Usage Tips

  • Drapion can be sent early-game to chip at entry hazard setters with Knock Off and Aqua Tail.
  • Once its checks have been eliminated, it can set up in front of a passive wall such as Cresselia and proceed to clean the opposing team.
  • Due to its immunity to Toxic, it can set up on Pokemon that rely on Toxic to damage foes like Bronzong.
  • Drapion's excellent defensive typing allows it to comfortably set up on Pokemon like Decidueye, Roserade and Shaymin not carrying Earth Power.
  • Despite their relative rarity, burns and paralysis severely limit its effectiveness as a wallbreaker and sweeper, respectively.
  • Drapions lacking Special Defense leaves it vulnerable to strong special attackers like Salazzle or Swellow can outpace Drapion and dent it severely with their STAB attacks, so it's advised to not stay in against these types of foes.

Team Options

  • Drapion appreciates wallbreakers like Mega Abomasnow, Pangoro and Roserade, as they can break through walls such as Pyukumuku, Umbreon, and Milotic.
  • Offensive Water-types such as Feraligatr and Bruxish can be utilized well on a team including Drapion, since it can beat common Grass-types like Roserade and Rotom-C. These can beat other Ground-types and pressure Poison-resistances.
  • Pokemon that can beat Steel-types are also good partners for Drapion, such as Ground-types such as Flygon and Rhyperior, Fighting-types such as Bewear and Kommo-o and Fire-types like Rotom-Heat.
  • Rock-types make good partners for Drapion due to their ability to deal with Salazzle and Swellow. Aerodactyl in particular can Pursuit trap both of them and provide additional utility with Taunt.
  • A Grass-, Bug-type or Levitate Pokemon such as Tsareena, Araquanid or Flygon is appreciated by Drapion due to its susceptibility to Ground-type attacks.

Other Options

  • Pursuit is also a viable choice, enabling it to trap the dangerous Ghost- and Psychic-types in the tier such as Meloetta, Hoopa, Mismagius and Bronzong. However, other Pursuit trappers tend to fulfill the role better, such as Sneasel and Honchkrow. Drapion does have a few advantages over them, namely a better defensive typing and much better bulk, however, the offensive threat they pose is usually appreciated more.
  • Choice Scarf is additionally a feasible set that can operate somewhat well, allowing it to outrun the vast majority of the meta, meaning it can revenge kill frailer mons such as Sneasel, Scarf Gardevoir, Salazzle, Virizion and Shaymin. An Adamant nature is recommended with Scarf, enabling it to hit as hard as possible while still out speeding the majority of the meta, but a Jolly nature allows it to outspeed Choice Scarf Roserade, Moltres and Flygon. Even with an Adamant nature, however, Drapions low attack stat doesn’t allow it to revenge kill many healthy Pokemon.
  • Drapion is a decent user of Toxic Spikes, being able to set them up in front of a Pokemon it forces out such as Bronzong or Hoopa. However, it has an extremely hard time fitting it on any set.
  • Ice Fang can be used to lure in Flygon, which is the only relevant ground type that isn't weak to Aqua Tail, but it is hard to find space for it.
  • Earthquake could be run over Aqua Tail for Steel-Types, Poison-types and some common Ground-types, but is generally underwhelming compared to Aqua Tail.

Checks and Counters

**Faster Attackers**: Faster and hard-hitting Pokemon can halt and shut down its presence entirely, for example; Yanmega after a Speed boost, Swellow, Salazzle, Flygon and Shaymin can all outspeed and OHKO Drapion.

**Status Conditions**: Burns can cripple its ability to function as a hard hitter. Since Drapion values it Speed for doing its job, paralysis can be extremely detrimental, hindering its effectiveness at sweeping.

**Ground-types**: Even though Hydro Vortex is utilized to try and better check Ground-types, some can still take an unboosted Hydro Vortex, like Mega-Steelix and Rhyperior and fire back with super-effective STAB Earthquakes.

**Unaware Pokemon**: Quagsire and Pyukumuku can completely shut down Swords Dance Drapion, the former of 2hko'ing it with Earthquake or burning it with Scald and the latter crippling it with Soak + Toxic.

**Pokemon with high Physically Defensive Stats**: Pokemon with sustainable bulk can check Drapion, such as Milotic and Umbreon, and offensive Pokemon with natural high Defences like Cloyster and Tyrantrum can take Drapion's hits and hit back harder or set up.

**Poison-Types**: Poison-types resist one of Drapion's STAB-attacks and it can struggle against the likes of Toxicroak and Dragalge if it isn't carrying Earthquake. Salazzle and Venusaur in the sun can over overwhelm Drapion with their STAB attacks or coverage moves.
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  • Maybe specifically mention non-scarf gardevoir or list another mon, since gards most common set is scarf which means you have to tank a hit (you can, but you need to be healthy ofc)
  • Z-Moves -> Z Crystals I believe, but a GP thing you can leave as is or look at the grammar thread and ignore me.

[Swords Dance]
formatting on this is broken, fix it

reword knock off to mention the utility and removing items in the same sentence.

Set Details

  • good.

Usage Tips

  • good

Team Options

  • Mention checks for lazzle/swellow being good as you mention them a lot.
  • mention ground resist/immunity as a partner

Other Options

  • mention Bronzong as something that is pursuit trapped.
  • mention downside of scarf, e.g. 90 base attack not allowing you to revenge kill a lot.
  • remove spdef mention or mention how bad it is
  • mention t spikes but also that it is hard to include in a set, mention how you can set it up on pokemon like Bronzong/whatever whom you threaten out.

Checks and Counters

**Faster Attackers**: durant mention remove

**Status Conditions**: probably can explain paralysis in a more concise way. "Since Drapion values it Speed for doing its job..."

**Ground-types**: Z Aqua Tail - > Hydro Vortex

qc 2/3

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