Tournaments Dratini Age: Origins - An RBY Little Cup Tournament ($150 Prize!) [Won by Medeia]


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Hey everyone! Since every RBY tier between Ubers and ZU now sees consistent play in both individual and team tournaments, I thought it'd be fun to kick off a tournament for RBY LC and go back to a time before Little Cup existed in Stadium 2, a time when Porygon, Onix, and Scyther were not first-stage Pokemon but Pikachu and Clefairy were, a time where Dratini being the only Hyper Beam user was actually... kind of relevant. Leave behind breeding, EVs, Berry Juice, and Eviolite, and come try out a straightforward slugfest of a tier where Pokemon drop like flies! This tournament will also help determine the rulesets of future RBY LC tournaments!

Prize Split:
1st: $100
2nd: $50

If you would like to add to the prize pool, please DM me here or on Discord (Sabelette for both)!

Tournament Rules:
  • Matches will be best-of-three in every round (defined as the first player to win two games; ties are not counted).
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and all replays of all tournament games must be posted.
  • The matches will be played in the [Gen 1] OU format. I recommend using the following Challenge Command to prevent cheating or mistakes:
/challenge gen1ou @@@ Adjust Level = 5, -All Pokemon, +LC, +Clefairy, +Exeggcute, +Drowzee, +Gastly, +Omanyte, +Staryu, +Abra, +Poliwag, +Slowpoke, -Dragon Rage, -Sonic Boom, -Wrap, -Fire Spin
  • This is a Swiss bracket with a top cut Single Elimination bracket. There will be a cap of 64 players, with anyone going 4-0 (4 players) or 3-1 (16 players) making it to top cut. The 4-0 players will effectively start the single elimination bracket with a 2-round bye as a bonus for going undefeated. The 3-1 players will play each other until only 4 players remain, then will be matched with the 4-0 players to begin top 8.
  • If we get to 96 signups, the cap will be extended; top cut will be extended to top 30, with 6 4-0s and 24 3-1s; the 3-1s will play down to 6 players before proceeding as normal into an eventual 3-way finals. If we get to 128 signups, it will be top 40, with 8 4-0s and 32 3-1s and a 2-way final.
  • Each round will last exactly one week, barring extensions.
  • All general tournament rules and guidelines apply.
  • This tournament will be played under the current RBY LC ruleset, with the intent of gauging the effectiveness of the current rules and building a playerbase to create a more balanced metagame. I intend to gauge community opinion on partial trapping, tradebacks, and sleep moves in the future via tournaments with different legalities.
  • RBY Little Cup rules that are important to know:
    • Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, Wrap, and Fire Spin are banned. Clamp is not banned, and Bind cannot be learned by any LC-legal Pokemon.
    • Tradeback moves are banned.
    • Sleep moves are legal.
    • Level looping is legal, so all Pokemon can access all of their level-up moves; this also legalizes Clefairy, which cannot be legally obtained at level 5 even with GSC Tradebacks.
  • RBY LC Hub is here - sample teams do not currently exist but it has a useful list of good Pokemon to get started with.
If you need any help with the ruleset or have questions, feel free to reach out to me here or on Discord (Sabelette).

Post "in" to sign up. Signups will be open until March 3rd at 6pm GMT-8.
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