Dream World Analyses Updates and Analyses Reservation Thread - READ BEFORE POSTING


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This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but Dream World is now a part of C&C! As such we are switching completely to the C&C system; analyses will now need three checks total from Quality Control, rather than one check from one moderator. We will also be using the bullet-point rough draft system from now on, rather than full write-ups before approval.

Our Quality Control members at the moment are:


If you wish to join QC and feel that you are qualified, drop me a PM with some of your credentials and I'll review your case.

Now, onto the changes BW2 has brought us:

Existing Analyses

Existing analyses will have one week of priority for their original authors to work on them. Analyses that have already been approved will need another look-over so that appropriate BW2 updates may be made. Unapproved analyses will need a full three QC checks. If you do not wish to continue with an existing analysis then give it up and let us know in this thread as soon as possible.

Currently In-Progress Analyses:

Amoonguss - Sir
Chandelure - NixHex
Durant - JellyOs
Gliscor - dragonuser
Latias - shrang
Magnezone - The QWAZ
Meloetta - SJCrew
Politoed - EXIE
Sandslash - Sir
Serperior - V0x
Swampert - dragonuser
Tyranitar - Tobes
Wobbuffet - Steven Snype
Xatu - Dartmonkey29
Zapdos - Harsha

Top Priority (new releases, updates, and unfinished critical Pokemon)

Chandelure - NixHex
Excadrill (update)
Keldeo - NixHex
Mamoswine (update)
Meloetta - SJCrew
Politoed - EXIE
Serperior - V0x
Tornadus-T - Tobes
Tyranitar - Tobes

Reserved / Unreserved

Forretress - NixHex
Gastrodon - EXIE

We will approach updates on a case-by-case basis; some will simply be a matter of SCMS editting and others will need full revamps. If you feel that a Pokemon needs a revamp, post here and we will review it.


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Also, get on the PS! ladder guys! It drew everyone away from PO, but DW OU now has barely any people on either sim. We need a place to test!
I have pretty much two analyses written up and started an OU analysis for Thundurus-T, so I'd like to reserve him because with a little tweaking he'll be ready soon (probably an hour).
edit: nailed it in 20 min
Can I take Heracross? I know I have three analyses but two are in GP and Thundurus-T is pretty much ready for checks. I should be able to bang Hera out in about an hour tomorrow or Monday.

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