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Oh god I hope this hasn't been suggested or I'm just blind D:

Does the forum software support such a feature where users can save their exported teams similar to a chat conversation but just with themselves a.k.a. a drop box? Yes I know pastebin exists and all that, but this would be nice to have when you log in from any device without going to another website to grab a team that you made on a different computer. You just log into Smogon like usual and copy any teams you made at work/at your friend's house/on the tablet/etc and paste them into Showdown.
That would be a nice idea for every forum. Or maybe a common Drop Box where every user can reserve their single post to get their teams in and save the post's link to their browser.
AFAIK the closest thing you can find is a PM with someone who left the conversation. Shouldn't be too hard to find someone willing to drop from a conversation the second they're invited.
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