Dual Weather Alert! Finals! [Won By FelixMinamimoto]

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Okay, secondary post. It's nigh impossible to win a tournament without any luck, and it just so happens I got a couple of critical turns in my final matches at the right time.

Me vs. Nelson-X


When I saw Jirachi, I thought I was screwed. I think the most important thing in this match was that I decided to go with Intimidate instead of Moxie (I had run Moxie before.) It seemed like I was holding onto Gyarados for far too long and it was just keeping a team slot booked. Luckily, that was able to take Jirachi, and then I got a flinch to seal it.

Me vs. BKC


I was astounded when I realized how good Celebi was against almost every weather user. It proves its worth as an MVP here, Terra is amazing at softening things up (luckily I didn't meet a Hippowdon), and Rotom-W proves to be a nimble creature as it dodges a rock-slide which sealed it.

Me vs. Coren


In my round 4 match, I had almost gotten decimated by a rain/sand team. I decided bringing Kingdra could be a great insurance policy (which could have massively backfired on me) but I ran into a rain team. Terra with Earthquake was also something I'd found that worked against things not named Hippowdon, but I decided to change that in favor of Rock Polish for the final because it felt too gimmicky. It worked wonders here.

Brotom and I had a pretty cool R4 match as well, seeing as we'd teambuilt together before it started I had to build a whole different team. It was hella fun though. If I find that replay, I'll add it.

Thanks to IceCarAdler for hosting and good job to BKC and Nelson-X for making it as far as they did. Who knows, without the bits of luck I got, whether the result would have been different. Ggs. :)
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