Yeah. You're right. But CB Dugtrio can't use Reversal well. I think Chansey will basically always win in a 1 vs. 1 situation.
Yes, the cband couldn't win.
The choice band is a stupid item to dugtrio, the sash is the perfect item to him, because it has a very frail defenses.
He is a good trapper i think, a good setter of entry hazard, but not a choicer.
I know this is done, Enki, but why does Dugtrio have 26 IVs exactly? The set details says it's so Reversal reaches max after two Seismic Tosses, but 28 HP IVs accomplishes the same thing while giving it a tad more HP.

I'd also recommend mentioning Rock Tomb in OO, the speed drop allows it to check DD Zard X and can be helpful in some other situations too.
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Alright, I'm going to reject this.

Dugtrio's niche is basically taking out Heatran. Yeah, it can mildly dent a few other Ground-weak things, but those things have to be substantially weakened for it to actually work. For reference:

252 Atk Dugtrio Earthquake vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Mega Tyranitar: 168-198 (49.1 - 57.8%) -- 96.5% chance to 2HKO

This is just unacceptable. If we're assuming, then, that its only truly reliable niche is taking out Heatran, then the rest of your team has to be comprised of Volcarona, Talonflame, and Slurpuff to justify using Dugtrio. Sure, it's fast, but there are stronger, faster Pokemon like Greninja, Deoxys-S, and Scarf Excadrill that do a lot better of a job doing what Dugtrio does, considering they can threaten Pokemon other than just Heatran.

Add that to the fact that Dugtrio can't switch into anything at all due to it's abysmal defenses (it stands a chance to be OHKO'd by Mega T-tar's Stone Edge, LOL), relies exclusively on Focus Sash (and a lack of entry hazards) to even be viable in the first place, is near-dead weight against any team that doesn't carry something it can prey on, and overall requires far more team support than it'll ever give back to function well. It's simply not something I would rely on to contribute to a match.

QC Rejected 1/3

Good analysis, but bad Pokemon.
I looked through the analysis and one crucial thing was missing that I've found incredibly useful. Dugtrio is a great stop to Charizard-X and due to this niche alone, is pretty good on voltturn teams. While VoltTurn does have landorus to check Zard-X, Charizard-X can just switch out. And the fact that it resists both volt switch and u-turn makes it rather difficult to take down, outside of Landorus.

Dugtrio's arena trap obviously remedies this and uses Charizard's base 100 speed against him. Most volt turn pokemon are slower than base 100 speed (rotom-w/Lando instantly come to mind) and Dugtrio is faster. This just leads him to be excellent at removing Zard before he becomes an issue. Same goes for heatran, which 4x resists U-Turn and can burn Landorus-t as it comes in. Given stone edge, which is also a primary move on set, forces Zard-Y to switch out, Dugtrio can force ZardY into a tight spot if Zard is switching over SR.

Obviously full volt turn teams aren't as prevalent this generation but Dugtrio does serve a strong niche on them. Even on teams with only one or two volt turn pokemon, the ability to trap fire and steal types is invaluable for volt turn and semi-stall teams alike (Stall gets status eaten by those two types).

I think the niche is worth mentioning, seeing as no other trapper (outside of Trapinch?) can take on ZardX.
For CyclicCompound:
[21:03:06] TFL: Dugtrio's analysis may be rejected. It plays out great for me with utility comparable to last gen's Dugtrio, but this may be a case of me building a team in which Dugtrio is perfect in - and where it isn't viable outside of

I don't just use Dugtrio for Heatran, I also use it to KO or cripple: Charizard X, Bisharp, Mawile, Tyranitar (Mega too), Excadrill, Kyurem-B, Terrakion, Chansey, Mega Manectric and other Electric types, and a ton of other Pokemon that it is capable of 2HKOing.

For my Semi Stall, Dugtrio carries the team as much as Politoed does the Rain archetype. I played and beat several notable users in tours with my team. Dugtrio is viable in OU, but should the fact that it is only viable in a handful of teams, and is unpopular on top of that, prevent it from getting an analysis?
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ya keep duggy, basically see what tfl said (idk about running it on stall but the targets are the important part)

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