Duosion Giveaway

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I have 1 Shiny, Bold, Magic Coat lvl 31 male Duosion. IVs: 31 11 31 31 31 31

First person who can provide the answer to my trivia question can have it!

I grew up in a small town called Saco, Maine. Every year, there is a highschool football game between us and our rivals. This rivalry has been rated one of the top 10 highschool rivalries in all of high school sports!

What are the two high schools that participate in this game, and what is the name of this game?

You may trade my pokes to others, but please, no cloning of any kind. If you trade it, you should no longer have a copy of it available to you, and the tradee should abide by the same rules. Thanks!
Took about 2 minutes of googling.

There are two high schools, Thornton Academy (I'm assuming yours) and Biddeford High School in a game of football called "Battle of the Bridge." Seems that it's been going on for quite awhile. It's pretty cool that the rivalry still continues on to this day.
And we have a winner!!

Honestly, I can't imagine any question being too difficult to google an answer to, unless the answer doesn't exist on the internet...It's just a cool fact, and a fun way of doing the giveaway.

Are you available right now? I'll be going to bed soon, but I can get on for the trade real quick if you're available.

I'll be on my white game. I'll check your info for your FCs.
Yes. I'll be getting online right now. If you don't mind me asking: Did you get this Duosion from someone else or did you RNG it yourself?
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