Eelektross (Analysis)

Eelektross is a boss.

QC: [Oglemi] [Snunch] [PK Gaming]
GP: [NixHex] [Honko]


<p>Eelektross boasts great offensive stats, allowing it to act as a physical, special, or mixed sweeper. In addition, it is actually quite bulky, especially for an Electric-type, and is only the third Pokemon with no weaknesses, the other two being Sableye and Spiritomb. Unfortunately, Eelektross is slower than some walls despite having the perfect movepool for a sweeper or supporter, though this indicates a natural affinity for Trick Room. It is currently the only Electric-type with access to Acid Spray, a pseudo-Nasty Plot. It also has access to moves such as Coil, Dragon Tail, Grass Knot, and Flamethrower. These characteristics, along with its neutrality to Stealth Rock, make it a viable option over its main competition, Zapdos.</p>

name: Special Attacker
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Flamethrower
move 3: Grass Knot / Acid Spray
move 4: Hidden Power Ice / U-turn
item: Leftovers
nature: Modest
evs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD


<p>The purpose of this set is to destroy multiple Pokemon with super effective moves. With Eelektross's excellent coverage, the only Pokemon that resists every move on this set is Rotom-H. Thunderbolt is obligatory STAB, while Flamethrower destroys Grass-types that resist Thunderbolt and Steel-types. Grass Knot comes in handy against Rhyperior, Gastrodon, and Quagsire, all of which are relatively common in the UU metagame and will completely wall this set without Grass Knot. The final move of choice is Hidden Power Ice, which hits Dragon-types hard, especially Flygon and Altaria.</p>


<p>Eelektross is currently the only Electric-type with access to Acid Spray, a Poison-type move that always lowers the opponent's Special Defense by two stages. Because using this move will force many switches, entry hazard support is very beneficial when running Acid Spray. In addition, while Steel-types are immune to Acid Spray, Flamethrower decimates them. The combination of Acid Spray and Hidden Power Ice also beats Rhyperior, Quagsire, and Gastrodon, as Unaware only ignores the opponent's boosts. Unfortunately, certain special walls such as Registeel and Chansey still wall this set no matter the moveset—Registeel is immune to Acid Spray and takes minimal damage from an unboosted Flamethrower, while Chansey has such ridiculous Special Defense that the Special Defense drops won't matter. For this reason, a strong physical attacker such as Heracross is recommended to complement the special aspect of this set.</p>

<p>Because this set is purely special, a Modest nature combined with maximum EV investment in Special Attack is best, while the remaining EVs go in HP to provide bulk. Since Eelektross is so slow, it is ideal as a Trick Room sweeper; in this case, a Quiet nature with 0 IVs in Speed is superior to the main spread. Leftovers provides Eelektross with its only form of recovery through passive healing, but using Life Orb can substantially increase its power output. However, this is not recommended, as Life Orb would shorten Eelektross's lifespan, taking away from its bulk. For this reason, Expert Belt is an option to increase damage on super effective targets without sacrificing health, although Eelektross loses the recovery from Leftovers. Finally, U-turn is an option over Hidden Power Ice for scouting, but it is generally inferior to the coverage on Dragon-types that Hidden Power Ice provides.</p>

name: Coil
move 1: Coil
move 2: Substitute
move 3: Wild Charge
move 4: Return
item: Leftovers
nature: Careful
evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD


<p>Eelektross is one of the few Pokemon with access to the new boosting move Coil, which raises Attack, Defense, and Accuracy simultaneously. Eelektross is arguably the best user of Coil, with the only other somewhat viable users being Arbok and Serperior. After just one Coil, Eelektross becomes quite bulky and can do a decent amount of damage despite the low Attack investment. Substitute is important on this set to block status from slower walls such as Dusclops and Chansey. Wild Charge and Return provide the best neutral coverage overall; unfortunately, Golurk, Rhyperior, Quagsire, and Steelix all completely wall this combination and force Eelektross out no matter how many boosts it has obtained. Despite these faults, Substitute + Coil is very viable and can be a good late game set-up sweeper, especially if given the correct support.</p>


<p>The given EV spread along with a Careful nature maximizes Eelektross's special bulk, since Coil increases its physical bulk, making Eelektross incredibly difficult to defeat after a few Coil boosts. One could opt for a more offensive spread, but it takes away from Eelektross's all-important bulk. Eelektross's only other physical moves worth noting are Dragon Tail to phaze and Brick Break to hit Steel- and Rock-types that are immune to Wild Charge such as Steelix, and Rhyperior. Eelektross is too slow to be an effective offensive phazer, as opposing phazers will often beat it to the punch. Thus, Return is the more powerful and reliable coverage option. This particular set appreciates Toxic Spikes to wear down opponents trying to break Eelektross's Substitute. With regard to teammates, powerful special attackers such as Kingdra and Nidoking are needed to rid Eelektross of physical walls such as Rhyperior and Steelix.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Eelektross has a fascinatingly diverse movepool, but only a few coverage moves are actually needed, such as Flamethrower, Grass Knot, and Hidden Power. Other coverage moves include Crunch, Rock Slide, and Flash Cannon, but none are particularly attractive on Eelektross. Eelektross also gets Charge Beam, with which it can attempt to set up a sweep, but it is unreliable and weak. Likewise, Discharge is another STAB option that has a 30% chance of paralysis, but is also weak and unreliable. Thunder Wave is a good support option, especially to cripple fast set-up sweepers, but it is hard to fit in Eelektross's movesets. Volt Change is essentially a STAB, special U-turn, but Ground-types are immune to it. While Eelektross has access to Thunder and Zap Cannon, moves which have their accuracy boosted by Coil, they are unreliable, despite the potential for a mixed Coil set. Choice sets are outclassed by Jolteon and Raikou due to their higher Speed and Special Attack, and Eelektross doesn't like having its versatility and coverage limited by a Choice item anyway.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Specially defensive walls such as Registeel and Chansey fear nothing from the Special Attacker set and can wear it down with Toxic. Gastrodon and Quagsire take nothing from any of Eelektross's moves bar Grass Knot or a boosted Return (Quagsire ignores boosts with Unaware). Lanturn, while relatively uncommon, completely walls the Special Attacker set, as Grass Knot doesn't do much damage due to its low weight. However, it will suffer from attacks boosted by Coil or Acid Spray. Pokemon such as Rhyperior and Steelix wall the Coil set, while Golurk takes nothing from the Coil set at all. Fortunately, all three will succumb to the Special Attacker set. Despite Eelektross's natural bulk, powerful neutral attacks, such as Victini's V-create and Choice Band Heracross's Close Combat, will still leave a large dent in Eelektross's health, if not outright OHKO it. Certain status also creates problems for the two different sets, namely burn for the Coil set and Toxic for both.</p>
I would slash Dragon Tail on move 4 on the Mixed Coil set. I would also use Brave or Quiet on the Mixed set and dump the EVs into HP, Eelektross isn't that fast to begin with.


why not just have a set like the acid spray set but with Volt Switch or something instead?

name: Offensive
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Volt Switch / Hidden Power Ice
move 3: Flamethrower
move 4: Grass Knot
item: Leftovers / Life Orb
nature: Modest
evs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD

It's not like Acid Spray is that essential to the set in the first place, lol


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mixed coil set? coil boosts thunder's accuracy to 91% which is nice, and if you get 2 coil boosts, zap cannon has 84ish accuracy which is decent.


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What does the 44 Speed do for the mixed attacker set?

  • U-turn is also an option but has terrible coverage and weak base power and is unSTABed.
It's not about power and coverage, that's not what U-turn is for. It's about gaining momentum, so if chansey is going to switch in then you can use U-turn and switch to Heracross, or Hitmontop, or whatever. And Volt Switch would be better anyway.... (lol I'm stupid)

  • Thunderbolt is for obligatory STAB while Flamethrower and Grass Knot round off the most coverage except on Dragon-types.
What does Grass Knot hit that Thunderbolt doesn't? Quagsire/Gastrodon and Rock-types. I think Hidden Power Ice should get the first slash because Dragons are a lot more common than Rock-types. Rhyperior is about all I've seen. Grass Knot does hit Mamoswine and Rhyperior much harder though, so mention that.

I don't know if Wild Charge is a good idea on a boosting set without any form of recovery, because the recoil will put you at low health, and make you easier to pick off. Just a thought.

Other than that, not too bad. You should go a into more detail though. Like instead of saying "Wild Charge hits Chansey", say "Wild Charge hits chansey for around X% damage."

"Dragon Claw or Hidden Power Ice destroys Dragon-type switchins such as Flygon or Altaria."

"Substitute is the primary option for the third move as it prevents dangerous status such as burn and poison from Pokemon such as Chansey or Slowbro."

You see where I'm going with this? If you can go into more detail, the analysis will be way better. ;p
Why does Dragon Claw deserve a slash on the first set? The only dragon it hits harder than HP Ice is Druddigon and HP Ice also has the advantage of nailing Gligar.
umm for the mix attackr set I suggest u slash lifeorb with expertbelt. Also I think a spec set deserves a thought, it works great in trickroom teams. 252hp 252sp.atk 4def voltswitch, thunderbolt, grassknot,hp-ice. Also for coil I suggest slashn wildbolt with thunder


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Few things:

- Wild Charge has recoil and is weaker than Thunderbolt against most of the things you'll be using it against. You mention getting past Evolite Chansey, but it walls you to hell and back (36.2% - 42.8% assuming Naughty, so basically you take a ton of recoil and get wish/softboiled stalled). As an added advantage, going pure special loses almost no coverage and lets you move some EVs to bulk, which is great on something with 85/80/80 defenses and no weaknesses. The only other physical move on the set is Brick Break, which...what does that do? .___.
Until people start using special walls besides Chansey, I think wild charge/brick break should be comments at best and the main set should be all special (and merged with Acid Spray...). Mention that it gets competition from Zapdos but is usable because it's not SR weak, has better SpA, access to grass knot for Rhyperior/Donphan (which zapdos does not ohko with HP grass) and has no weaknesses. And acid spray, I guess.

- Coil is a pretty neat set! A RestTalk set using Coil might be interesting, you sacrifice the ability to hit ground types for recovery and you don't have to worry about burn/toxic anymore.
Got rid of mixed set, made Acid Spray the main set, I would like some more QC input on what else to include at this point. I have tried a mixed Coil set but that has been rather underwhelming. IMO these are the only two viable sets.


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I'm sure that there are other viable sets that Eelektross can pull together, but for what you got in the OP looks fine. We can always add sets at a later time.

QC 1/3
I really doubt coil is effective. If anybody has used it and can attest to its effectiveness or lack thereof make a post.

I also don't really like Acid Spray on a pokemon whose most common checks (Chansey and Registeel) wont care. Seems like Eel would be better with four attacking moves.

I'll do some testing with Eel and get back to you, everyone feel free to share your thoughts.


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I've actually seen SubCoil used effectively. Sub + Wild Charge is kind of counterproductive, but Eelektross is actually surprisingly bulky after a single Coil. It works exactly like any other kind of SubCM set.

Acid Spray though you might be correct. Registeel isn't that common, but Chansey does just block Eel to no end. It seems like Acid Spray would work best against stall teams, but most do carry Chansey. Perhaps an All-out-attacker set would work better.
Ok, once I get back from vacation, I will change the Acid Spray set around and mention it in the AC. And Coil is actually pretty cool, but ultimately it´s QC´s decision.
Edited the first set and slashed Acid Spray with Grass Knot, ready for moar QC please. Also, if anybody has other viable sets, please let me know.
No other sets are really there, but add in Thunder Wave, Discharge, and maybe even Light Screen into OO. Remove the mention of Hone Claws. Other than that, there are the minor options everyone else has access to.
First set looks good, but change the 4 Spe EVs to SpD to prevent speed creep. Second set replace Dragon Tail with Return. Eel is too slow to phaze other mons before it can be phazed, so Dragon Tail is kind of useless. Frustration is preferred over Dragon Claw as a coverage move because it's stronger, but make note that it does leave Eel walled by Golurk.

First set looks good, but change the 4 Spe EVs to SpD to prevent speed creep. Second set replace Dragon Tail with Return. Eel is too slow to phaze other mons before it can be phazed, so Dragon Tail is kind of useless. Frustration is preferred over Dragon Claw as a coverage move because it's stronger, but make note that it does leave Eel walled by Golurk.
Wouldn't running Return/Frustration over the two dragon moves open up Rhyperior as a hard counter? As if those steel types wouldn't be bad enough. Likewise, in my experience with Eelektross, you need to be frugal with Wild Charge, as that recoil can add up quickly, especially without any recovery moves. Likewise, Dusclops has the defenses to shrug off Return, and leaves Eelektross forced to use Wild Charge. The higher damage from Return is not to be dismissed, of course, and steel types can still force Eelektross The recoil from Wild Charge does add up, and even with leftovers it can burn Eelektross down.

Likewise, I don't think Dragon Tail is entirely useless; while it fails to hit certain potential phazers such as Zapdos, Militoc, Suicune, Empoleon, and Blastoise (Maybe Raikou, since the RestTalk set keeps around Roar), it ties with Donphan, and outruns Hippopotos and Snorlax. It looks like a lot of the most dangerous phazers, with the exception of Raikou and Zapdos, are bulky waters that dislike electrical attacks, and due to the lack of physical electric attacks, tend to keep their priority on special defense. If Eelektross excepts to be phazed, a solid Wild Charge will take advantage in the shift in priority.

Of additional note, Wish support is very important with Eelektross. While it keeps neutral bulk, it has no recovery, and both of these sets tend to get chipped away at. Coil set often lasts longer than the Special set, but not by much, even under ideal circumstances.

PK Gaming

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Reiterating that Snunch said. On the last set, replace Dragon Claw with Return (Dragon Claw is useless)


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I'm too slow these days but I think U-Turn is a worthwhile slash with GK (or HP Ice) on the first set for obvious reasons (also does a good chunk to Celebi).
Why isn't Discharge suggested on the special attacker? It's a trade off of power for paralysis which this guy seriously appreciates. And since its bulk isn't too shabby (with essentially no weaknesses as well), I feel like it could afford it. Thunder Wave can also work effectively with Eelektross' good typing and lack of weaknesses. An OO mention would suffice really, but I feel that the paralysis especially useful for this guy.

I have an idea for a Mixed set.

name: Mixed Attacker
move 1: Wild Charge
move 2: Grass Knot
move 3: Flamethrower
move 4: Dragon Claw/Dragon Tail
item: Life Orb/Expert Belt
nature: Lonely/Naughty/Mild/Rash
evs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 SpA

Wild Charge hits like a truck, but it can be dangerous in conjunction with Life Orb. Grass Knot handles Gastrodon, Rhyperior and Quagsire, as all three resist Wild Charge. Flamethrower is there to roast Steel-types and finally, Dragon Claw is for the Dragon-types, which resist the three aforementioned moves.

I know the analysis is done, but I wanted to present an idea.

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