EonX-'s RU Revamps [WIP]


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Ok, with most others already getting up, I guess I'll go ahead and get this up. Haven't finished everything yet, but I have enough to start. Without further ado, here we go!:

(Pokemon left: 1)

#1. Gurdurr

  • Currently going through QC right now.
  • May look into an all-out attacker set later though.

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: Currently in progress

#2. Mesprit

  • Favorite Pokemon in the tier!
  • Recently updated, but a lot of grammar issues

Analysis Worthy?: Of course!
Revamp Worthy?: I don't think so. Can probably fix the grammar problems through SCMS

#3. Tangrowth

  • Needs a little bit of work, especially C&C
  • Sets themselves are ok
  • Receives a lot of competition from Amoonguss now
  • No mentions of Escavalier and Emboar as checks/counters (or as a teammate in Emboar's case)

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: yes

#4. Gabite

  • Recently updated
  • Nothing has changed and the analysis looks good

Analysis Worthy?: yup
Revamp Worthy?: nope

#5. Kabutops

  • Sets look fine
  • Lum Berry probably needs to be slashed before Life Orb on the Rapid Spin set
  • Looks fine otherwise

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: no

#6. Samurott

  • Current sets look fine
  • Look into a CB set. I quite liked it during testing as it had the coverage to smack a lot of stuff and Aqua Jet is a neat tool for revenging stuff like Entei and Emboar (which Samurott can switch into thanks to 95 / 85 physical bulk)
  • Maybe play up the mixed attacking angle more?

Analysis Worthy?: you bet
Revamp Worthy?: Maybe. Not at the moment though. Depends on if CB gets added and if we play up the mixed attacking angle more.

#7. Smeargle

  • Sleep is well prepared for in RU. Think this needs to be reflected throughout the analysis
  • Maybe slash Quiver Dance before Shift Gear on the Baton Pass set.
  • C&C needs major work. Mentions Lead Aerodactyl... but more importantly, it has no mentions of Sleep Talk users (Emboar, Entei, Escavalier, etc.)

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: ya

#8. Lickilicky

Enough to stand out from Clefable as a Normal-type Wish user
Dragon Tail i great with Spikes support (loves Qwilfish as a teammate anyway)
Still need to work with the CB set

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: unlikely. C&C needs some expansion imo, but this can be handled via SCMS.

#9. Garbodor

#10. Skuntank

Remove Wallbreaker set; Absol gives it too much competition
Trapper set is good enough. Typing makes it next to impossible for any Psychic- or Ghost-type to OHKO it.
Probably needs a tone down with the rise of Absol giving it stiff competition
Speed and better bulk (compared to Absol) needs to get highlighted.

Analysis Worthy?: sure
Revamp Worthy?: i'd say so

#11. Piloswine

Remove the AC EV spread. Piloswine really needs the power
Ice resistance is virtually useless without Hail. Samurott and Omastar are the two most common users of Ice-type moves
Ubiquity of Grass-types really hurts, but the rise of Druddigon helps
Teammates section could probably use a little work

Analysis Worthy?: sure
Revamp Worthy?: nah. SCMS should take care of the minor changes needed

#12. Meganium

Remove Dual Screens. Pure Grass is a terrible defensive typing for a dual screens user
Not even sure the Support set should stay. It has been helpful in a few battles though
Needs a major tone down if it keeps an analysis

Analysis Worthy?: possibly.
Revamp Worthy?: yes if it keeps an analysis

#13. Murkrow

  • This needs a lot of work. Pretty sure this was written when Honchkrow was still in the tier
  • Life Orb set needs to be added. It has just enough going for it to be viable (priority, high BP STAB, and cool coverage move)
  • Still unsure of the Perish Trapper set being viable. Need to work with it more
  • Bigger play on Insomnia thanks to all the sleep inducers (which makes the LO set even better imo)

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: lord yes. needs it badly

#14. Omastar

  • Remove White Herb from the SS set. Slash order should be Lum Berry / Life Orb imo.
  • Weak Armor should be the primary ability on the SS set as it ensures no Scarf user can outspeed if you get in on a physical move
  • Play up its ability to switch in and set up on Entei, one of the most common Pokemon in the tier
  • SS and Support sets need general work with teammates.

Analysis Worthy?: yup
Revamp Worthy?: probably. The changes to the SS set alone will probably necessitate this

#15. Kadabra

  • Currently going through QC
  • Revamp in progress looks fine, but it needs more progress lol

Analysis Worthy?: yes
Revamp Worthy?: in progress

#16. Masquerain

  • Add a dedicated QuiverPass set and make it the primary set
  • Not sure the current on-site set should stay.

Analysis Worthy?: barely, but yes
Revamp Worthy?: um, definitely. Analysis needs a major tone down imo.
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Tangrowth should have Sleep Powder / Power Whip / HP Fighting / Synthesis as its main set. Power Whip lets it check Lum Gallade and hits Cryo hard among other things, HP Fighting lets you actually beat Bouffalant and Aggron while getting an accurate hit on Kabutops, and Synthesis is good for recovery while letting you stall out CB Druddigon's Outrage until it gets confuse hax. Also, Life Orb has been better than Specs on the offensive set for a long time.


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I would agree to Power Whip being the main STAB after using it a bit (Giga Drain still is probably slash worthy at least) but usually I see (and prefer) Focus Blast over HP Fighting because it does a lot more damage (almost 100% more is worth the occasional miss). I always use Leech Seed over Synthesis tbh as Leech Seed can really be helpful with the buildup of residual damage and can help teammates a ton if Tangrowth is switching in and out a lot. It's also something Amoognuss cannot do.

It's kinda hard to determine since Tangrowth has a surprising amount of options.

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