Ermahgerd! Berttle Serbway!

I am very new to competitive Pokemon in general, so please go easy on me.

I am putting together a battle subway team, and need help ironing out the wrinkles before I actually EV train all the pokemon. Obviously there's no battle subway simulator to test the team, but I've tested each Pokemon individually and done all the calculations, and this team looks pretty good on paper.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Volcarona - Special Sweeper (Need help with a good item!)

-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Giga Drain

252 Special Attack, 152 Defense, 104 Speed

I've noticed that Volcarona's fantastic as a sweeper, but very frail in terms of defense (especially to stealth rock). To avoid this, I lead with Volcarona, quiver dance on their setup turns, and hopefully take off with some STAB Bug Buzzes or Flamethrowers once I'm pumped enough. Giga is there in case of last resort rock or water types or if volc just needs some HP.

Metagross - Wall (Air Balloon maybe?)

- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Meteor Mash
- Zen Headbutt

252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 Special Defense

I think Metagross is underrated--especially as a wall. You toss on the Rest/Sleep Talk combo and he's literally a self-repairing machine. He's got STAB Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt - both utilizing high attack, and clear body means no one can mess with his Stats. Will definitely stall while burn's from the annoyer take effect (see below.) Air Balloon is only to eliminate the ever potent ground weakness.

Rotom-Wash - Annoyer (Leftovers)

- Thunderbolt
- Will-o-Wisp
- Substitute
- Hydro Pump

252 Speed, 168 HP, 88 Defense

After finding an effective special sweeper and a great wall, what this team needed was an annoyer--one that could knock on statuses fast and leave the rest to the wall. Rotom-Wash is that Pokemon. Will-o-wisp is great, primarily because it destroys the pokemon's attack power (which is Metagross' primary concern anyway) and deals a steady stream of damage. Substitute is obvious when combined with leftovers. Might be necessary to combine substitute with stab Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt as a last resort if Rotom is the last one left.

Typing on this team is great. With Air Balloon, no type has more than a 2x weakness modifier, and ground attacks are eliminated with Rotom's levitate. Rotom's only weakness is grass, which volcarona absolutely murders, and Rotom can take care of Water, Rock, and Flying Types that give Volcarona a hard time as well as the fire types that give Metagross a hard time.

Like I said, everything works on paper. Any suggestions?
well since def is a problem to volcarona, what about focus sash on it? it gives chance for one QD. But you must beware of priority moves, like mach punch, sucker punch, bullet punch, when your volcarona is with 1 HP.
Volcarona@Focus Sash
-Quiver dance
-Bug Buzz
-Hidden power Ground (for other fire pokes)

Rotom-W try this EV's 252 Sp.Atk, 252 HP and 4 Sp.Def. IMO it will get more bulkier.

Never seen a Rest Metagross, you could try but im not sure if that will be good. The EV spread is ok, but i suggest using Bullet punch or Ice punch (since you decided to no put HP ice on rotom).

You have to try your own combinations, maybe what I said here wont work for you. Keep battling and learning.

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