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is now NU leader again! Make sure to welcome him back if you haven't already ^^

Meri is stepping down following this. We appreciate everything you've done for the community since being promoted over a year ago. She'll still be sticking around on council, so say hi if you see her around ^^


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Grats etern on returning as NUTL. Not sure why you left the first time but w/e. Hopefully we'll see the return of the Dewford Duckletts as well in NUPL? Anywho, lets make NU great again m8!

Meri Berry it is sad to see you step down after the work you put in. I am glad that you're staying on council though b/c it'd be a shame to see you go permanently. Thanks for the time and help when I asked for it. It does mean a lot even though it may seem like it isn't. Good luck on your next chapter!

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