Event Verification Process

Before we can add Event Moves to shoddy and the site, we have to verify them. In order to do this, we need to follow a specific process, one that has many checks, is public, and can easily be looked it in the future when those of us who are active now have left. To do that, we have created the following process in order to ensure that all Event Moves we add are in fact licensed by Nintendo.

Step 1) Announcement of an Event Pokemon

In this new day and age, Nintendo has been announcing well before they release the events when they will be released. When an event is announced, a Thread is to be made with the title being "Pokemon - Event - New Moves/Previously unreleased item" or "Previously unreleased item". The thread will then contain a link to a source confirming the information in the title, as well as a Screenshot of the page as well.

Step 2) Acquisition of Event Pokemon

Once the Pokemon is released, people will be able to get it. Once they do, they can post with information confirming they have gotten it themselves. This can be through pictures or other methods that can be easily verified. Not all users who can/will obtain the Pokemon early on will be able to post in the forum. What they can do, is PM a person who either made the thread, or someone else who is reasonably active in this forum to post in their place.

Step 3) Finding Limitations of Event Pokemon

What Nintendo has done in the past is released event Pokemon that have IV or Nature restrictions. Before we can accurately add Event Pokemon on Shoddy or other Pokemon Simulators, we need to determine the restrictions it has. Recently, many Event Pokemon have been released via Wondercards. If they are, then the Wondercard should be looked at and any limitations should be listed.

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