Exeggutor (WIP)



name: Sleeper
move 1: Sleep Powder
move 2: Stun Spore/Mega Drain/Hyper Beam/Double-Edge
move 3: Psychic
move 4: Explosion

Set Description

Sleep Powder lets Exeggutor effectively KO an opposing Pokemon, as if anything attempts to wake up, they risk letting out a strong attacker such as Tauros, Snorlax, or Persian. Stun Spore lets Exeggutor paralyze faster foes and common switchins such as Chansey, Starmie, and Alakazam. Double-Edge does good damage to physically frailer foes and is Exeggutor's best option to hit opposing Exeggutor, 3HKOing Alakazam and Jynx, 4HKOing Chansey and Starmie, and 5HKOing opposing Exeggutor. Mega Drain 3HKOs Starmie and allows Exeggutor to heal off any damage it may have taken. With Psychic special drops, Exeggutor can also reapply a paralyzed Starmie's speed drop and do even more damage with Mega Drain, with a -1 Starmie being 2HKOed by Mega Drain 86.7% of the time. Mega Drain also does good damage to Slowbro and Cloyster, and does significant damage to Rhydon, although it fails to OHKO it. Psychic is Exeggutor's strongest STAB move, 2HKOing Gengar, having a 20.6% chance to 2HKO Persian, 3HKOing Tauros, Cloyster, Rhydon, Jolteon, and doing good damage to other foes such as Snorlax and Zapdos. Psychic's 30% chance to drop the opponents special can also let Exeggutor overwhelm foes it might struggle breaking otherwise, such as Chansey, Starmie, and Alakazam. Explosion lets Exeggutor go out with a bang, OHKOing frailer foes such as Alakazam or Starmie, and heavily chipping nearly the entire tier. With Pokemon that resist or are immune to Explosion such as Rhydon and Gengar fearing the threat of Psychic.

Other Options

Either Sleep Powder or Stun Spore/Double-Edge/Mega Drain can be dropped within reason as Exeggutor has enough positive qualities to be able to hold its own without using Sleep Powder.

Hyper Beam lets Exeggutor get a suprise KO on physically frailer foes such as Alakazam, Jynx, and Chansey. Although these foes have to be chipped beforehand or Hyper Beam is all but useless.

Rest lets Exeggutor make full use of its fantastic bulk, being able to heal off any stray hits and paralysis it may take and wall non-Blizzard varients of Starmie, non-Ice Beam varients of Chansey, and non-Ice Punch varients of Alakazam.

Headbutt can be used alongside Stun Spore to paraflinch foes. However, the damage is middling and unreliable, especially against Recover users like Alakazam and Starmie. Using Headbutt + Stun Spore also forces Exeggutor to drop one of Sleep Powder or Explosion, which it can rarely afford. Therefore, Stun Spore + Headbutt Exeggutor requires a dedicated team to support it.

Reflect lets Exeggutor become even better at tanking physical hits, however due to Exeggutor's lack of recovery outside of Rest it finds it hard to make the most out of the defense boost, it also has to give up 2 moveslots to work in Rest and Reflect together.

Checks and Counters

Chansey: Chansey switches into Exeggutor and takes negligible damage from Psychic, it also comfortably takes two Double-Edge from full HP and threatens Exeggutor back with Ice Beam and Seismic Toss. However Chansey can be overwhelmed by special drops from Psychic.

Ice-types: all Ice-types outspeed Exeggutor and 2HKO it with Blizzard, although by no means can they switch into Exeggutor, excluding Jynx, as they take a considerable amount from Psychic. Jynx takes paltry damage from Psychic but is 3HKOed by Double-Edge, so it has to be weary of it.

Alakazam and Starmie: Alakazam and Starmie take negligible damage from Exeggutor's Psychic, and walls Exeggutor lacking Double-Edge and Mega Drain respectively. Alakazam threatens Exeggutor with Seismic Toss and Ice Punch, and Starmie threatens Exeggutor with Blizzard. While Starmie without Blizzard and Alakazam without Seismic Toss or Ice Punch cant really do much to Exeggutor, they threaten to stall Exeggutor out and force it to exolode.

Zapdos: While Zapdos cant switch into Exeggutor, it 2HKOes it with Drill Peck 47.1% of the time while Exeggutor can only 4HKO it in return with Psychic.

Hypno: Hypno 2HKOes Exeggutor with Ice Punch at +2, while taking disregardable damage from Psychic and Double-Edge, forcing Exeggutor to explode.

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