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So this upcoming semester I will be attending college on a campus with a buffet style meal plan. Growing up in a small town with nothing more than a mom ‘n’ pop restaurant, this is going to be one of the first times I’ll get to experience true multicultural food. My questions are: How do you expand your palate? And what multicultural foods would you recommend someone should try? My favorite food right now is Bone-out Chicken, and one of my closest HS friends whom I will be rooming with next year recommended General Tso’s.
some recommendations of things you might enjoy that arent too offensive to typical US tastes

Mexican: pretty much anything is safe
chinese: lo mein, eggrolls, orange chicken, fried rice
japanese: tempura stuff, rices, teriyaki stuff
indian: most of it is really good but hurts really bad, i dont personally have a lot of experience with it bc its too spicy for me
Adding onto what hailfall said generally any latin food is fine. Caribbean as well but im not too much of a genius in that to give examples.

You should also be critical and ask questions of what the buffets are serving if you’re trying to improve your palette. For example if they’re making puerto rican food but using adobo for seasoning or if they’re not using homemade or house made sofrito for stuff like rice then you’re not eating anything authentic in that category. A lot of places that make latin food normally throw in a bunch of bullshit spices like adobo and call it as such so be wary of that.
Just get out there and try some stuff. I live in Houston and surprisingly we have a really diverse selection of restaurants; so speaking from experience there’s nothing you can do besides go out and try new things!
Is there anyway to eventually like foods that you don't like over time? Have any of you had such an experience with a food?
Either time or trying it with different flavours, but some things you'll just never like, and that's ok.

Some things I hated as a kid, I'm fine with now as an adult, like artichoke. Taste buds change.
Other stuff like olives I didn't like (and still don't like by themselves), but I've found they're ok when they aren't the main flavour of a dish, like as part of a pasta sauce or something.
I don't think anything will get me to enjoy mashed potatoes, ever.
Out of middle eastern cuisine, you should try out shish tawooq (can be written in many different ways), its marinated pieces of boneless chicken grilled and its amazing.

Indian cuisine can be complicated and even I don't know most of it but biryani is pretty good. Butter chicken as well.

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