Tournament Fantasy 1v1PL

:Crawdaunt: Cooming Crustaceans :Crawdaunt:

SV Bo7: DripLegend (14.5k)
SV Bo5: eblurb (11k)
SV Bo5: Sanshokuinsumireko (8k)
SS Bo7: Potatochan (19k)
SS Bo5: Nick (10k)
SM Bo5: Leru (7.5k)
ORAS Bo5: Euphonos (4.5k)
BW: Taka (3k)

XanderUrBoi (idk)
maki (8.5k)
Santu (4k)
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:Gholdengo: Crypto Bro Gholdengos :Gholdengo:
After a 6-2 powerstart, the Gholds continue their campaign
SV 1v1 Bo7 - DripLegend
SV 1v1 - eblurb
SV 1v1 - Slip
SS 1v1 Bo7 - DenisTheMenace
SS 1v1 -
SM 1v1 - TheShadowClaw
ORAS 1v1 - Euphonos
BW 1v1 - Palestine

Subs: bea, Roginald

Week2: 5-3
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:chien-pao: Champion Chien-Paos :chien-pao:

Week 3
SV 1v1 Bo7: Driplegend
SV 1v1: shiloh (on the occasion they sub in)
SV 1v1: Slip
SS 1v1 Bo7: Mishlef
SS 1v1: Nick
SM 1v1: last weeks oras starter
ORAS 1v1: Leru
BW 1v1: Palestine

Subs: Lumii, mrextrazy

Last week: 5-2 (sorry to my team for naming opposing players in the squad)


aka the situation
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:bellibolt: Benched Bellibolts :bellibolt:
SV bo7: Driplegend
SV bo5: Vertigo
SV bo5: bea
SS bo7: Mishlef
SS bo5: lialiabeast
SM bo5: Elo Bandit
ORAS bo5: OM
BW bo5: lumii
Bench: slip, itchy, fancy1, plunder
total: 98.5k
Technically this is past the set deadline, but given that you're more at a disadvantage than an advantage by signing up late I will allow people to continue signing up if they still wish to participate.

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