Other FIFA 13 Tournament! [PS3]



Hello smogonites, this is a FIFA 13 tournament (for PS3 and XBOX) the rules are the next:

-Online mode (not personalizated teams)
-6 minutes per part
-You can use all teams
-In case of disconnection, you should repeat the match, counting the previous score, and play the remaining minutes of the previous match.
-Format UCL, two matchs.

- Blue Eon
- Masterclass
- Proman
- Kiry4n
- the nub
- Shoka
- Atoni
- Almont

XBOX 360
+ Reyscarface


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Two sets of pairings. So have a PS3 winner and an xbox360 winner. I guess if one of the winners had access to FIFA on the other console then they could also play and you could get one winner, but I think there would be interest in a 360 bracket as well.

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