Championship - Type B Filling the Generation Gap (SM edition)

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Filling the Generation Gap (SM Edition)

Hey all! Thought I'd introduce myself first as most of you won't know me. I'm HC not H-C cause I'm retarded and didn't see there was an actually relevant user with that name so just call me Chris or whatever. But since I'm terrible at battling figured I'd make people like me with a tournament instead!

So, now that Sun & Moon has been out for a while, its time to share the focus across the board! Tired of seeing multiple Tapus on a team? Chansey + Clefable making you want to pull your hair out? Being constantly destroyed by Char-Y + Dugtrio?

Well, in this tournament, you will be required to create teams which contain members from different generations, no overlaps at all. Each round, one generation will be banned, meaning that a different team should be used each time.

Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Best of 1 single elimination
  • Standard SM OU rules apply
  • Please post replays so that I have something to watch on my commute to work
Tour Specific Rules
  • All teams must contain 6 different Pokémon from 6 different generations
  • A different generation will be chosen and omitted every round
  • I may cry if stall is used

Sign ups will last a week. (21/07/2017 or 07/21/2017 for Los Americanos) or when I remember

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