Final Four Profiles: 2018 BSS Invitational

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The final matches of the 2018 Battle Spot Singles are almost upon us. Before the matches get started, get to know top 4! Feel free to ask any other questions in this thread below and tag our contestants!

Semifinals Matchup 1: Psynergy vs. Greilmercenary9

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Name: Psynergy

Region/State: California, USA

What are you most known for? Fire Emblem apparently. And being one of Serebii's upper staff

Brief Overview of playing career. I've played casually for years but didn't really start playing competitively until Gen 6 made it very easy. I played assorted formats like OU, Ubers, and RU for awhile until coming to Battle Spot around ORAS. The community was tiny back then but I've been here ever since then. I also got into VGC thanks to some of my friends at Berkeley and later DOU, though I've played those less lately.

Favorite Pokemon of All Time? Rayquaza, don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone.

Thoughts on the circuit so far? The circuit is definitely more varied than it was last year and I like the changes made to the format, hoping we'll see further improvement and more players in the coming years. As for me personally I didn't lose out to a Scald crit burn round 1 of this invitational, so I'm feeling pretty good about this year. No matter where I finished at this point I'm fairly satisfied.

Anything you want to say about your previous matches for the invitational? I have a very tough road in this invitational so I'm glad to have come this far, I know some have said I have the toughest opposition so it would be fantastic if I can take it to the end. Both have been very close sets though so I'm very happy with how things have gone so far, and it feels great to have been part of some of the best sets this invitational. Playing the same person twice in a row is going to be tough though, even though I won the first one I'm not necessarily feeling more confident about the second set. I'm hoping it'll be at least close to as good of a set as the first one though.

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Name: Greilmercenary9

Region/State: Central US

What are you most known for? Probably either winning BSLT this year or making 2k on cartridge twice in the last three seasons

Brief Overview of playing career. Been playing off and on competitively since about 10 years ago; used to main UU way back in the day but gravitated towards cartridge formats when they became easier to play officially with BW2 and especially XY and ORAS.

Favorite Pokemon of All Time? Heracross. Was happy to be able to be able to make a team starring it that has done well for me in tournaments (especially BSLT) despite it not really being as good in USM as it was in ORAS.

Thoughts on the circuit so far? It's been fun, and the sets in this Invitational in particular have been very close and tense. In four quarterfinal matches we've had 19 of 20 possible games with three of the four sets (and both of mine) going five games.

Anything you want to say about your previous matches for the invitational? With me I guess we might as well skip the first four games. I've played five Bo5 matches in the last year and every. single. one. has gone five games.

Semifinal Matchup 2: 11oyd vs. Chemcoop

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Name: 11oyd

Region/State: Australia

What are you most known for? I am most well known for being the guy that hard committed to using Suro's team on the cart ladder. Streaming and commentating has also been great, people kind of know me for that now too.

Brief Overview of playing career: Been fond of mons since I was 11. Completed stadium 1 and 2 way back in the day. Discovered bss around April 2016. Discovered the bss room mid - late 2017. Biggest moment for me so far was breaking 1800 in season 6.

Favorite Pokemon of All Time? Favourite of all time is Gengar but I am very fond of Breloom and Mawile too.

Thoughts on the circuit so far? The circuit has been a blast. Each tournament has been a lot of fun. I've made some great friendships along the way too. Biggest circuit moment to this day might have been beating Jmal in BSLT. That was a huge boost to my confidence as a player.

Anything you want to say about your previous matches for the invitational? Well I have only had one match, as I got the bye in round 1. I was fairly happy with how I played vs Groudon Empire except for two major mistakes and one minor mistake. It was a brutally close set. I will need to reduce my margin for error to have a chance against the boys in the next two weeks.

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Name: Chemcoop

Region/State: Utah, USA

What are you most known for? Winning 4 BSSC Tours in the past 2 years, and recording a 2024 final score on cart during S6 of SM BSS

Brief Overview of playing career. Started playing competitively in ORAS, starting with a brief stint in OU before moving to BSS on cart. Regularly got to 1800s+ despite using random mons from my box, but didn't join the Smogon BSS community until SM and the start of the BSSC circuit. Continued improving on cart and in tours throughout 2017 and worked my way up to mod in the Battle Spot room on PS!. Started a YouTube for BSS content after USUM came out, and hoping to get that more active in the next few months.

Favorite Pokemon of All Time? Shiny Umbreon

Thoughts on the circuit so far? There have already been a ton of intense and close sets so far, looking forward to the next 2 rounds of games.

Anything you want to say about your previous matches for the invitational? Previous games have been a bit of a rollercoaster, but hoping I can keep the winning streak going

Hope you all are as excited as I am! The deadline for these matches is December 16th. When the time for the matches is announced, I'll update this thread.
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Psynergy's thoughts on having Greil as his upcoming opponent in the semifinals
"I have a lot of respect for Greil, we have a number of shared interests, namely in Fire Emblem because Ike is great, but he's made it to 2000 on cart twice which is a big deal. If winning against him once wasn't tough enough it definitely won't be any easier playing him a second time. We may be on even footing now that the loser is out either way, but I think it will be even tougher to win another set after the way last one panned out. I'm more interested in having another great set though."

Greil on having Psynergy as an opponent
"Psynergy is an extremely talented player and a great addition to the top 4 of the Invitational. He is easily one of the strongest and most consistent players we have despite sometimes not getting as many obvious plaudits as some of the other top tier BSS players. All three of my sets against him in the last year and a half have been interesting, and even most of the individual games have been extremely close. Hopefully we have a good set this week."
Chem on 11oyd
“I think 11oyd has done an incredible job improving this past year, and he's done quite well on cart the past few seasons (and has had some great streams for the community!). Looking forward to an exciting matchup against a really good opponent."

11oyd on Chem
“Chemcoop is like a real life embodiment of Blue/ Gary Oak. He’s kind of mean and harsh but always fair. A horrifyingly good player. He scored back to back titles in the 2017 Bssc in Season 3 and 4 and topped the season 5 cart standings for good measure. In 2018, not only did he break 2000 points in season 6 but he nearly got there again in season 7 with a Dewgong on his team. My peak rating is 1899 and Chem landed on 1916 I believe with the Dewgong. So you could make the argument that Chemcoop (Dewgong handicapped) > 11oyd (in top form). On the rare occasion that you see Chemcoop lose a game it will always be due to either a 50/50 that went the other way or bgc hax. He never misplays. Chem will always be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pokemon, not just in BSS but notably in randbatts too. I have stolen a few wins off him in the past but to beat him in a bo5 in the Invitational semi-finals, I will need to be in my best form to date."

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