Tournament [Finals @204] Multi-Cash Prize ($100 1st; $50 2nd; $25 3rd) NO JOHNS!!! Tour - Won by TJ


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Welcome to the first ever ZU cash tour! This tour will be played in SS ZU. It's best of one and no johns; the deadline for games will only be 4 days. The purpose of this tour is to: 1) generate hype for the up-and-coming ZUPL, and 2) encourage more cash prize tournaments as a whole on Smogon. The benefactors for this tour are 5gen and I. Format borrowed from here.

Tour Rules:
  • Single elimination until the semi-finals. The losers of the semi-finals will play in the finals round for 3rd place.
  • This is a Best of One Tournament.
  • This is a No Johns Tournament. Each round will last 4 days and extensions will only be granted if players schedule within 24 hours of pairings and have absolutely no other available time. Extensions will be for the soonest available time between the two players and no later than 48 hours. Failure to schedule and play games will result in a coin flip.
  • Replays are Mandatory. Any series without public replays posted will also be coin flipped.

Round 1: Proof of bracket. Thank you Think for your help!
IPF  vs  Bekaray
Vileman  vs  Attitude adjuster
terreitor  vs  crying
turtledoggo1  vs  Nat
Lucario  vs  Hax Believer
giove97  vs  Ninja
Togkey  vs  e~t~h~e~y
TJ  vs  roxiee
BeatsBlack  vs  S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
 vs  el lalis
KDzey  vs  OranBerryBlissey10
Alpha Rabbit
 vs  hs
yovan33321  vs  Maxouille
gglrg  vs  Tack
 vs  Fant'sy Beast
barbie rockstar  vs  Vipotis
chalkspirit  vs  miraage
garrison  vs  Luna's Banned now
 vs  Serene Grace
TonyFlygon  vs  pulsar512b
Aaronboyer  vs  TBasedGod
Phantomistix  vs  LustfulLice
Hyogafodex  vs  umbry
Kate  vs  King Leo V
Apagogie  vs  Gin_n_Tonic
 vs  BlissieBlood
BloodAce  vs  Gensil
Fille  vs  Tuthur
Fiend  vs  Blui
mncmt  vs  Miyami~~~
 vs  SBPC
in the hills  vs  Rav3
snaga  vs  MrColoonel
 vs  tko
Scrigman  vs  Ara
 vs  Maki
NHelioX7  vs  QWILY
5Dots  vs  Bluxio
Ron...5  vs  Louna
 vs  weird mon
Gray  vs  Quantum Tesseract
Landon  vs  Decem
gorex  vs  daniYSB
SOMALIA  vs  Star
 vs  DraKeyTT
TDNT  vs  RLplayer
Tricking  vs  TDK
Splash  vs  Sabella
Spook  vs  queso
cnelson99  vs  AnnaMyers
Chaitanya  vs  PrinceOfAllTacos
risin_glory  vs  Expulso
 vs  JdRDMS
Finchinator  vs  the pharoah
beauts  vs  447323a
Bag of Trixx  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Jett  vs  Feliburn
Hitmonstars  vs  Bouff
 vs  halaman95
Bushtush  vs  mixwell
 vs  lepton
avarice  vs  BusterHiman
august  vs  LeCehlou
Cheryl.  vs  KM
Sharifa Airen  vs  Lizardu''
Fc  vs  Temporal Totodile
Serving Suggestion
 vs  13isharp
Xevara  vs  oversway
 vs  Failbor
zeefable  vs  5gen
Puffy424  vs  Drud
PandaDoux  vs  kprf
Kev  vs  Clone
 vs  Greybaum
a fruitshop owner  vs  Dragonillis
Lilburr  vs  Monsareeasy
crucify  vs  Antares
London13  vs  JonAmon 25
leo568  vs  eu
czim  vs  Bye 2
tlenitvs  TectonicDestroyer
Chokepic  vs  velvet
Sky of Doom  vs  Xiri
ACR1  vs  ironwater
PedroLindoUnico  vs  Fathiryxi
Beraldinhoo  vs  Bye 8
Spl4sh  vs  hiss
TheFineMantine  vs  Sagisolar
Friegg  vs  Bye 11
Elfuseon  vs  fran17
Pabloxty  vs  Bye 13
TheFranklin  vs  Bye 14
Take Azelfie  vs  Bye 15
Catalisador  vs  Bye 16
Panther-T  vs  Bye 17
For the Bois  vs  shiloh

Deadline for Round 1 is Friday, July 9th, 11:59 PM GMT -4.
Schedule Immediately!
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