NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]

PS called my case illogical and OM read CB as town in his opening posts, if I am scum and they were my partners both of them were actively trying to disrupt my gameplan and buddy my lynch target that had 3 votes on them for no particular reason
just read the thread. ngl wanted to vote waterlily half way through reading and there's already a wagon on her by the end, gj mindmelders

CaffeineBoost your pings have unironically kept me checking the threads but you havent pinged me this phase so I almost forgot about this lmao. I expect you to keep this up (especially since eod your posts were good and interactions lead me to believe you're probably town now)
idk if it's just me but Sultan's massposting is sending me bad signals

VOTE: Waterlily

i think the one post water made that gave me bad signs was the one where they said 2 scum was in their top town. like that feels really weird to point out. also sorry if I seem tired. I am.


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currently having an issue with my finger that makes typing rather painful (and extremely obnoxious if i try to work around it). this is part of the reason i've been quiet today and i'd like to continue resting it for as long as i can, so i'm taking the rest of tonight and probably most of tomorrow off


don't maj anyone i'll be back before deadline
Why is Amy being lynched
Well my reason is that she seems to be doing exactly what PS was doing. The fact that she looks bad via associations doesn't help either. I think she'd kill OM and would be able to convince PS to go along with it.

You did make me think though that maybe there's more of a point to lynching Lily first... given that I mostly think Amp's a PS partner, if Lily is acting generally scummy (tick) then it's probably best to see which scum she might be before we lynch Amp.

#643-#647 are pretty good posts from Amy that I doubt come from scum. Quite possible that scum are being opportunistic after Sultan's vote and posturing to lynch a townie without having to take responsibility.

Lily --> Fenrir --> CB is probably what I prefer personally. CB's honestly been less scummy, but in a setup where bussing is trash, I can't imagine leaving him for LYLO when both fire & ice mafia members tried to defend him and his Amy vote is strange.
My question to anyone on the Waterlily wagon: Would they fit better on the Fire or Ice team, and why? Show relevant partner interactions.
partner interactions is a flawed methodology for this game, with only two teammates and an opposing mafia normal game interactions wont be there as the same pressures to protect the castle and misdirect town wont exist, scum can more easily scumhunt organically and the odds of them losing a teammate to a lynch is lesser

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