NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]

So... I'm not the only one... cool.
Ngl I've kinda forgotten exactly why I suspected Shub except that it was for some partner reason and I can't be arsed to look up exactly what it was given that my reads have been fucking terrible. Speaking of my terrible reads here's where I'm at:
  • If Dusk is scum, fucking RIP I guess. Interactions nearly confirm Dusk as town unless I'm missing something.
  • BGB's slot was towny then Amy seemingly started to pocket me... I'm really torn on it since BGB is also being pretty towny. I think that Amy wasn't actually pocketing me after all.
  • Shub... eh idk... interactions make me think either town or really solid scum
  • TBZ is idle unless I do this Thunder~BALLZ so fuck knows what he is
  • UTO is town but not as town as Dusk.
  • Fenrir's idling is p. scummy from what I remember in CK9++
Hyped af to be lynched so I don't have to plague this game with shit reads and terrible plays.
if TBZ claims doc, please lynch UTO for this d o d g e
I actually don't have a plan and I'm hoping that we win after today. Game is pretty dead and I've been on autopilot since D2. I feel bad for pushing you for four days if you're town since you seem to be the most engaged out of everyone here, but unfortunately you have to go at some point and everything you've said today could just be AtE.

If you look at Panic Station interactions I think you can conclude that me and TBZ are town 95% of the time.
Well, I have been thinking about how UTO cited TBZ as a good reason to be on the Caff wagon when TBZ's stance is really uhhhhhh and how Dusk looked at UTO's citation and went "i'mma sheep that".

unvote vote U-Turn

scroll up
Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

I'm trying to parse how shoddy logic not only gets a pass but get commended.
Thunder calls a wagon good and says information that might suggest otherwise to him is irrelevant. You say his take is good, not becuase it's his take, but becuase he's had good takes before. And then Dusk says he's onboard because he thinks you're sheepworthy but you're not obviTown to him.


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