First team of gen6! (could use some advice)

My first gen 6 team featuring dual bats! I've been using it online so far to success, but it could still definitely need some help if anyone is willing to offer it!


I made this team with the intention of supporting my favourite bat duo as choiced attackers. My team doesn't have any sweepers or mega pokemon, but instead tries to beat the opponent just with brute force. I also have several ways of ignoring the opponent's setups of dual screens, substitutes, speed boosting moves, as well as punishing boosting/status moves on the switch with whimsicott.

Crobat @ Choice Band | Infiltrator
Jolly | 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
- Brave Bird
- Cross Poison
- U-Turn
- Hypnosis

Crobat got stronger this gen with the buffs to infiltrator, and together with Noivern he's made a strong attacking duo. Choice band lets me obliterate any subseeder or subpuncher with brave bird, as well as adding some punch to my U-turn. Hypnosis is on the set as due to Crobat's small offensive movepool, I can use hypnosis as a last ditch effort to sleep a mon even if they are behind a substitute. He also has some really nice 4x resistances which allow him to absorb a hit even with 0 defense investment.

Noivern @ Choice Specs | Frisk
Timid | 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
-Draco Meteor

Noivern works with crobat to dish out damage, but he has the additional option of tricking away his specs onto a wall or physical attacker. I'm using him with crobat because they have good coverage with poison/dragon/fire type attacks, and are both lightning fast, hit hard with specs/band, and have ways of getting around their choice locks (u-turn and switcheroo). Also both can hit through subs (due to boomburst).
He's also a decent pokemon to use against mandibuzz and its frustrating knock-offs, being able to steal leftovers off of her or another pokemon later in the match while hitting her on her weaker spdef.

Whimsicott @ Leftovers | Prankster
Bold | 252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 SpD
-Knock Off

Whimsicott works as an anti-setup pokemon. Not only can he prevent entry hazards, he will stop pokemon from using boosting moves with encore. He now has a useful fairy typing this gen which means he is less susceptible to bug attacks and immune to dragon. He also deals with those infuriating klefkis, and deals with Rotom-W well with the ability to resist both STABs as well as encoring any status move and forcing it to struggle with taunt. He also isnt afraid of losing his item from trick, being able to just encore it back to himself.
Its really important to have him on my team because my team will make a lot of switches, revolving around 2 choiced pokemon. Any opponent trying to get an edge by setting up stealth rock on the switch or trying to steal a swords dance will just get locked into their move, and forced to struggle if they decide to stay in.
edit: I changed stun spore to knock off, and now he hard counters all the frustrating trevenants that I've seen so far. Also encore + knock off can be really frustrating

Porygon2 @ Leftovers | Download
Calm | 252 Hp / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
-Tri Attack
-Ice Beam

(why is he so small tho)
Porygon2 feels almost essential to my team considering how much op genesect is being used with choice scarf and insane coverage moves. With this spread I can at least tank his hits and heal up instead of letting him just rampage through my team. With this spread I can even avoid the 2hko from timid megazardY's fire blast in the sun, which is great (another pokemon which otherwise blows irreparable holes in my team). I chose download over trace because my team really could use a little extra firepower over a defensive ability like trace. I used to use mamoswine here, but since the switch I am definitely feeling a lot stronger with this team being able to deal with the vast array of special attackers with either gastro or pory, and being able to take most physical attacks using the good resistances of crobat, whimsicott and forretress.

Gastrodon @ Leftovers | Storm Drain
Bold | 252 Hp / 4 Def / 252 SpD
-Earth Power

Gastrodon just feels like such a good bulky water type. With immunities to electric/water (read: Rotom W) I dont have to deal with many frustrating electric and water type special attackers whatsoever. While I'm gaining a big grass weakness, but I feel its covered by the rest of my team (whimsicott can deal with any electric types who chose hp grass over hp ice, and crobat will kill any grass type ez). Having at least one pokemon with recover is nice, as it adds longevity to the team and works well with all the hazards and status getting thrown around.

Forretress @ Leftovers | Overcoat
Bold | 252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 SpD
-Rapid Spin
-Volt Switch
-Gyro Ball

Usually I feel forretress is more a hindrance than a help for most players, but here I think he is a necessary evil. He provides the 100% required rapid spin for my team, as well as putting out extra hazards which is also pretty much required. I chose overcoat over sturdy so he can absorb any powders as well as having immunity to very rare hail, and he acts as a strong physical tank.


My general strategy is to use my lack of necessity for setup to just keep punching holes in the opponents team, while aiming to refuse them the ability to boost/use non-attacking moves with whimsicott. My two attackers also ignore the setup of substitutes, meaning I dont need to fear gengars/scolipedes whatsoever. Forretress clears the skies of stealth rock for my two choice pokemon and generally noivern, crobat and gastrodon can take it from there, with Whimsicott easing the transition between my main pokemon. Since I added porygon2 I am really feeling a lot better against frustrating special attacking all-stars like scarf genesect, being able to finally have a defensive answer to him has made me a ton more successful in my matches. But I still feel like I am weak to last game priority sweeps perhaps, and conkeldurr is a little scary to my team with his bulk. Any comments and help are 500% appreciated :)
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Are we allowed to bump these if we make enough changes? I made some big changes and replaced mamoswine, celebi and tentacruel as well as changing my noivern and whimsicott movesets.

EDIT Remedy : You have one bump, and you're free to use it as you want.
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