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Approved Fix Grassy Terrain Battle Text

The opposing Tapu Bulu restored HP using its Grassy Terrain!
Ferrothorn restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
Ferrothorn restored HP using its Grassy Terrain!
Seeing as its not Ferrothorns terrain it would make more sense to remove 'its' from the terrain effect? I understand this is super tiny so its understandable if no one could be fucked to change it, just wondered if only I noticed


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i believe this is the wording used in-game
No, the text is actually wrong here on Showdown. It should use the strings:

"[VAR PKNICK(0000)]’s HP was restored."
"The opposing [VAR PKNICK(0000)] had its HP restored."

So in this case it ought to say "The opposing Tapu Bulu had its HP restored." and "Ferrothorn's HP was restored." with no reference to Grassy Terrain at all. See USUM text dump and a cartridge example. So this is really more of a bug than a suggestion.
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