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The vast majority of DPP LC analyses were written in an era of looser QC standards. Coupled with a metagame that has evolved over the course of its LCPL iterations, there are many on-site DPP analyses that are in need of edits. Luckily, resident DPP expert Fiend has compiled a list of changes that need to be made. Some of these changes we will make directly on-site. Others require a more substantial overhaul - and that's where you come in! We would appreciate the community's help in rewriting certain sets and analyses.

Here are a few guidelines:
  1. To reserve an analysis, you must have some experience playing DPP LC. Due to the limited number of DPP QCers we have, we will be especially strict on making sure writers have the requisite metagame knowledge. If you aren't sure if you qualify, feel free to hit up Fiend or I on Smogon or Discord to ask.
  2. Please make sure your analysis follows the guidelines laid out in the reservation list. For instance, if the list reads "Revamp Oran Berry set", you should write a new Oran Berry set, with the currently appropriate moves/EVs/etc. You should NOT rewrite the entire analysis unless asked to do so. If you think the analysis requires more work than is listed, you should say so in this thread.
  3. At times, the necessary changes will be minor enough that you can just make edits to what is currently on the site. In this cases, we will be much more lax than usual about enforcing Smogon's plagiarism policy. However, if you do use the original analysis in any way make sure to credit the original author where possible.
  4. Analyses should follow the same skeleton as current-gen analyses (see the main reservation thread for a copy/paste of this).
  5. These re-works must receive 2 QC checks and 2 GP checks. At least one QC check must be from a member of the "senior" DPP QC team (see below).
Senior QC Team
Consists of DPPers who have experience checking analyses as part of our current-gen QC team.
Fiend (project head)
Corporal Levi

QC Team
More to be added

Gastly (Re-write Oran Berry set)
Houndour (Add Oran Berry + Will-O-Wisp set)
Chinchou (Re-write SpDef set)
Doduo (Add Choice Scarf set)
Lickitung (Complete re-write)
Porygon (Re-write Agility set with appropriate move slashes)
Rattata (Re-write to condense the two sets into one)
Smoochum (Add lead set)
Treecko (Re-write lead set)
Wingull (Add anti-lead set)
Geodude (Complete re-write to condense LO sets)
Hoppip (Complete re-write to condense all sets)
Pichu (Complete re-write)
Cacnea (Complete re-write)
Pineco (Condense all sets)

If you would like to reserve any of these Pokemon, please post in this thread. I won't limit how many you can reserve at once for now, please don't make me regret this decision. Once Merritt or I approves your reservation, you can go ahead and post. If you would like to suggest other edits to on-site DPP analyses, please post here as well.

Thank you all for your help!


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Since this is also intended as a thread to track our progress on DPP edits, I'll use this post to keep track of on-site edits for transparency.

The following sets have been removed from the site, and the analyses have been adjusted accordingly:
Barboach - Special Scarf
Bellsprout - Scarf
Budew - Scarf
Corphish - Scarf and Swords Dance
Dratini - Band
Drowzee - Scarf
Ekans - Choice
Koffing - Scarf
Machop - Bulk Up
Makuhita - Support
Mantyke - Bulky Rain Dance
Mareep - Specs
Meowth - Nasty Plot
Natu - Calm Mind
Nidoran-M - Rivalry
Nincada - Scarf
Nosepass - Torment
Numel - Howl
Oddish - Support
Paras - Agility
Sandshrew - Swords Dance
Shinx - Trick Room Attacker
Slugma - Double Status
Spearow - Baton Pass
Squirtle - Rapid Spin
Swinub - Scarf
Tentacool - Scarf
Togepi - ToxStall
Voltorb - Charge Beam
Wooper - Trick Room

I will update this post as we make some of the more complex site edits.

Feel free to post if you'd like to help with anything listed in the OP, or if you have questions/suggestions.

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