Free Thundurus and Tornadus codes

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I work at Target and we have stacks of them that aren't going to be taken in time so I grabbed a bunch!
If you want one more than one code let me know.

Just remember, Thundurus is for Sun and Tornadus is for Moon. Only one code can be redeemed per save file.
If possible, I'd like two codes since I have both US & UM. But I'm fine with one.

Thank you!
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I think I'm caught up with everybody
If there's anything wrong with any of the codes please don't hesitate to ask so I can get you a new one
Yeah it was a little annoying they made two of these events at Target and only one out of the bunch through internet. I don't mind going to GameStop for serial codes, but Target?
But you can get other things at Target, there's not always a something at Gamestop every month that I want to buy.
Do you still have codes sqwizzles? If you do, I'd love two: one for me and one for my wife. But if not, or if you only have one, groovy! I also wasn't able to make it to Target (our nearest one is about 50 miles from us).
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