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I'm sure a lot of you who are heavily accustomed to the PU tier are familiar with the FU metagame, a usage-based tier below PU. It has previously operated in the Other Metagames forum, featuring as a playable OM. This metagame is currently represented in PUPL, and we feel that it's best to consolidate its representation by allowing it to operate wholly in the PU subforum. This should greatly benefit FU, allowing its metagame to grant much more visibility and having a place in an environment that represents a strong relationship with FU, as there exists a nice overlap between the PU and FU playerbase.

FU's main thread will be featured on this forum as a sticky thread, and we're allowing for the creation of other FU-related threads as long as they are approved by at least one FU leader (Gary2346 and Mambo) and forum moderator. This should make all things FU easier to navigate, allowing room for individual projects to grow. Since we have several active PU community projects going on at once, we intend to keep things slow and we may veto threads if we feel that there are too many going on at once or if we deem them too niche, as we'd like to avoid clutter.

The PU room on PS will allow discussion for both PU and FU, and people who are consistently positive chat influences in discussing either formats will be considered for promotions.

While the purpose of this change is to grant more visibility, the trade-off is that FU will lose its eligibility to achieve Other Metagames of the Month. We want to ensure complete fairness in the process so that this wouldn't be considered favoritism. This, and the fact that we feel that the FU community is better suited for this forum means that we'll be going through with this change and we hope to see you all give this tier a look!
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