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Welcome to FYBIRR's Unofficial Monthly Tournament (or FUMT for short)!

Each month I will host a tournament. Each month the tournament will take place in a different metagame. This month we will be doing a SV OverUsed tournament.
(This tournament is unofficial and is purely for fun)

Here are the rules. Breaking any of these rules will result in an immediate disqualification:

-Be a good sport: If you lose, don't be a sore loser and say stuff such as "That was unfair!" Don't be a sore winner and say stuff such as "You're trash!"
-Do not used the banned Pokémon: I will go over later in the post what Pokémon are banned.
-Don't leave in the middle of a match: If you leave in the middle of a match purposely, you will be disqualified. If you disconnect, the person who didn't disconnect chooses to restart the battle with same teams or different teams.
-Don't ask for wins: If you ask your opponent for a free win or for them to forfeit, you will be disqualified even if you did win the match.
-Changing teams: You are allowed to change teams once in the entire tournament.

Banned Pokemon:
Here are the banned Pokémon for this tournament. These will vary every tournament.

:Chien-Pao: Chien-Pao
:Ting-Lu: Ting-Lu
:Wo-Chien: Wo-Chien
:Gholdengo: Gholdengo
Edit: Added Bans
:Cinderace: Cinderace
:Charizard: Charizard
:Greninja: Greninja

Banned Items:
Here are the banned items for this tournament. These will vary every tournament.

Booster Energy

Match Rules:

-Games must be played in Singles. Games played in Doubles will not count.
-Game must be played in the OU metagame. Games played in any other metagame will not count.


At least one of the players in a match must send the replay to me for clarification. Games that I didn't get a replay for will be forced to be redone.

That's really all you need to know about the tournament! If you have any rules suggestions, please feel free to message me since this is my first time hosting a tournament.

Please chat "In" with your PS username if you are interested in joining, and good luck to anyone who joins!

(This thread will close on January 18.)

Edit: Due to the current lack of people entered, the due date to enter will be extended to February 1st. This will count as February's tournament.
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All the event raid Pokémon are banned, meaning Charizard, Cinderace and Greninja are all banned. The Pokémon that were just more likely to appear are still allowed, such as Lucario and Gyarados. I apologize for the late notice.
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up. We currently have an odd number of people in the tournament, so if we don't get an even number of people by tomorrow I will have to enter myself. The thread will close on February 2 at 8:00 AM
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