Mechanics Future attacks and Tera Shell

What type of bug are you reporting? Mechanics

What is the bug?
Teragapagos-stellar gains another trigger of Tera Shell if it takes damage from future sight and then switches into another move later on. I think there might be a report in it already but I did some testing to narrow down when and how it triggers.

Are you able to replicate it? If so, how?
I tried to narrow down the specific mechanics as much as I could with some testing. It triggers seemingly under these specific mechanics.

The effect in question, the second trigger does not pull up the ability description in chat.

It triggers seemingly under these mechanics:
1. Teragapagos needs to switch into the attack after taking future sight. Here is it not triggering after it stays in for a turn before taking an attack.
2. It takes reduced damage from any move once switching in. U-turn, acro, a priority move, and a negative priority move. EXCEPT for future sight
3. Teragapagos needs to initially take damage from only future sight(or doom desire). Here is it not triggering with eq.
4. It only happens once. (the doom desire replay again with it not triggering on the second attempt at mach punching on switchin.)
5. Switching in and out between the 2 instances of damage without being damaged inbetween removes the effect.

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