gaining power on reddit

who deserved to win the latest bh seasonal

  • quojova (he crit me but also won a lot)

  • me

  • sevag (hes good but got activity'd out)

  • bh seasonal should never have happened

  • tom brady, current starting qb for the tampa bay bucs

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Take care of yourself.
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a while ago in the sinnohremakes discord i said "the only two good subreddits are r/sorceryofthespectacle and r/zen". what these places bring to the table is an overt attitude of skepticism and detachment from real-life circumstances. they are less so escapist and more reactive to reality. in this way, posting on the internet can act as an involved way of detaching oneself from human society: rather than involving oneself with some coherent narrative like when you read a book, you can kind of just chill out in the ideological soup and become the anti-capitalist version of a flat earther. it's pretty great.

i scroll through the front page of r/politicalcompassmemes with my powerful anti-framework equipped. my brain is more resistant to memes than ever before. the words on the internet are losing their meaning. it's just me and my thoughts, ready to do anything and be anything.

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