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In this guide you will find one of the multiple ways of completing the Galar Pokedex. If going in order from 0 to 400 isn't your thing this guide will present you with a way of classifying Pokemon based on their obtention method so you can plan ahead and work on specific parts of the dex more efficiently.

  • Trade only Pokemon (fossils, trade evolutions and version exclusives)
    • While you can get some of these by participating in online Raids, waiting for the right raids to appear in Y-Comm might take a considerable amount of time compared to just trading for them. Make sure you have your own version exclusives so other players have an incentive to trade with you.
  • Baby Pokemon
    • Tyrogue, Bonsly, Mantyke and Mime Jr. can be found in overworld encounters. If you are having trouble finding them I recommend you breed them
    • Pichu, Togepi, Clefa, Tyrogue and Riolu can be obtained by breeding using their evolved formes.
    • Incense Babies.
  • Wild Strong Encounters
    • These Pokemon are available as Strong Overworld encounters in most weather conditions.
  • Rare Wild Strong Encounters and how to make them happen
    • Rare Wild Area Encounters are appear only in specific weather locations or are locked by story progression.
  • Method evolutions (Friendship, Stones, Items, locations etc.)
  • Most other Pokemon
    • 1 stage Pokemon
    • 2 stage Pokemon
      • Catch base form and evolve
      • Catch evolved form and breed
    • 3 stage Pokemon
      • Catch 1st stage, evolve to 3rd stage
      • Catch 2nd stage, evolve and breed
      • Catch 3rd stage, breed and train.
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