GameStop Shiny Beast Event in Canada

So, for years and years on end, us Canadians have been deprieved of Pokemon Gamestop events, yet today I am very happy to tell you that Gamestop has confirmed that this event will be available at all Gamestop locations; The Shiny Beast Event will be available at all Gamestop locations in Canada
The event happening in Canada was confirmed by numerous EB Games and Canada respresentatives
Raikou (Rash @ Zap Cannon/Weather Ball/Aura Sphere/ExtemeSpeed) can be downloaded during January 3rd-9th.

Entei (Adamant @ Flare Blitz/Crush Claw/Howl/ExtremeSpeed) can be downloaded during January 17th-23rd.

Suicune (Relaxed @ Sheer Cold/Aqua Ring/Air Slash/ExtremeSpeed) can be downloaded during January 31st-February 6th.

yes folks, we finally made, if you dont believe me, call youre nearest Gamestop to confirm. this is great, eh?

P.S. I ask that the mods not merge this thread so that Canadians looking will be able to easily find this via google
Yes there are numerous ones such as;
519 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario (416) 533-5361 ‎

a simple google search of GameStop Toronto, in google maps would help


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EB Games is also Gamestop right?

Because I just went on Gamestop's site and used "Find Stores", and it revealed a whole bunch of EB Games around my area, just would like some confirmation.
That reminds me that I still have to get my Mew.

If I delete a Wonder Card with a Pokewalker Route do I lose the route?
As long as you have already recieved the route itself in youre game, deleting the wondercard shall do absolutely nothing at all

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Yes it has, and both my HG/SS games have them in GameStop. Of course I'll be RNGing them at another time.

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