Gaudi thread issa une pena... Che pena. FT GenVIII pleasures


This time no RNG!

But that doesn't mean there is no FUN!
I'm opening my first Gen 8 thread since i battle the entire story.

Custom Breading

Ball x Nature x Iv x Hidden Power x Shininess
I will need some help with ditto btw and apriballs mons are very open!

Wild Capture

The legendaries are still shiny lock as usual, BUT, you can ask me nature, set, hypertrained or not, UT or not, and ball! I can redo a story for that. And need, why not cloners to make some giveaways!
Hello FrenchGaudi! Glad to see you doing giveaways for the gen 8 pokemon! We all really appreciate it! ^_^

I see that you've opened the thread for responses, however I'm a little lost as to what I need to do in order to obtain your fancy little Zamazenta there~

With there not being a gts anymore, I'm confused as to how we would go about receiving these gifts from you. Some clarification would help greatly ^_^

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