Pet Mod [Gen 1] Burgundy Version - Slate 6: Back to Basics

Removed Lovely Kiss from Nidoking. I don,t see necessary to do it on Nidoqueen, its not much different from other Mons with Sleep Moves. You let something to be slept by Jynx, after that unless it freeezes you, both Starmie and Chansey are solid checks.
Same happens with Nidoqueen. It has a lot of checks due to not excelling with any particular Stat (max is 90 HP, combine that with Poison typing and you see the actual problem). After it sleeps something, Articuno is a full counter to EQ + Blizzard and only fears Thunderbolt (a little) or Rock Slide (a lot). Starmie switch-ins easily, Chansey and Snorlax are never 2HKOd without a crit, Dewgong, Abomasnow, Exeggutor and Lapras are solid too. Running both LK and Softboiled also means not using another offensive Move, which means the list of checks increases a lot after Nidoqueen actually sleeps something.

Stats: 75/95/145/45/95
Typing: Ground/Flying
Agility, Counter, Cut, Dig, Double Team, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Earthquake, Explosion, Guillotine, Harden, Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Mimic, Poison Sting, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Rest, Rock Slide, Sand Attack, Screech, Sky Attack, Slash, Strength, Substitute, Swift, Toxic, Wing Attack
Description: Great physical wall, but terrible special bulk. Dies to Tauros Blizzard, and even Starmie's surf is a roll.
Stats: 110/95/73/90/65
Typing: Water/Ground
Bide, Blizzard, Body Slam, Double Team, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Fissure, Headbutt, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Mimic, Rage, Rest, Rock Slide, Strength, Substitute, Surf, Swift, Take Down, Thrash, Toxic, Water Gun, Waterfall
Description: The three new rock-types are currently running around the tier with very few checks. Whiscash is here to save the day! With a water/ground typing that all three rock-types hate fighting. Its physical bulk is just enough to fend off the Rocks, without being stupidly bulky. For example, it still dies to slam + slam + beam from tauros so the bulk isn't game-breaking.
Stats: 100/100/80/60/50
Typing: Ice/Ground
Movepool: Bide, Bite, Blizzard, Body Slam, Defense Curl, Dig, Double Team, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Fissure, Fury Attack, Headbutt, Horn Attack, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Light Screen, Mimic, Mist, Peck, Rage, Reflect, Rest, Roar, Rock Slide, Strength, Substitute, Tackle, Take Down, Thrash, Toxic
Description: Tanky Ground-type with an interesting typing in Ice to deal with mons like Aero or Zapdos. Also Amnesia has been removed so it isn't crazy broken.


Stats: 80/82/83/100/80
Typing: Grass
+Stun Spore
Description: With Jungle Healing and Frenzy Plant, our girl doesn't need much to thrive. Removing the ankle weight that is Venusaur's poison typing will allow the plant to stand out from Victreebel and put her cool new tools to good use! Stun spore gives it a little extra utility although its fighting for the fourth slot, so no big change here. I also believe more grass types will lead to a healthier, greener, and more diverse tier, so while this doesn't look like much, I hope you consider cause this change is bigger than you think! :3
Stats: 80/105/65/100/70
Typing: Grass
Movepool: Original Movepool
Description: Victreebel is a cool fellow but its Poison-type really hurts it. Loosing the Poison-type fixes its main issues.

Type: Ground/Psychic
Movepool: Earthquake, Psychic, Explosion, Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, Thunder Wave, Hypnosis, Light Screen, Reflect, Barrier, Rest, Rage, Bide, Mimic, Toxic
Stats: HP: 60/Attack 70/Defense 110/Special 110/Speed 75
Role: A sidegrade to Rhydon, while Rhydon has much better physical defenses and HP, Claydol lacks a quad Water/Grass weakness as well as a Ground weakness. It also has the benefits of STAB Psychic and Explosion as a utility tool. It also help fill the role of a defensive Ground-type as the addition of a Psychic-typing gives it a valuable resistance to both Rock and Psychic on top of the Electric-type immunity.
As intended the tier has received 4 new ground types intended to add some more variety to team structures, the two non-ground type winners are both grass types who lost their poison typing, an amazing buff by itself ironically being stronger into all of the new grounds aswell.

Unfortunately the changes won't be implemented until the pet mods server migration is finished, so for now we can only theorise how the meta will look like.
On top of these additions some mons that ended up getting the short end of the stick will be buffed by distributing moves to mons that really should have them.

Aerodactyl, Golem and Rhydon will receive Tyranitar's signature move Crunch. Ttar has shown to outclass most rocks and not distributing it to these three mons really just feels like a big middle finger to them, hopefully we can see more Rhydon and Aero in the future.

Medicham will receive Focus Punch. Medicham was added before Focus Punch and it really isn't scary with just High Jump Kick, it will fill the role some people intended to fill by running elemental punches on Machamp back in PMPL II.

In addition, a spreadsheet has been made in which the Burgundy changes are listed in order to keep track of everything with more ease.

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