Pet Mod [Gen 1] FutureProofing (Complete)

Ema Skye

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Here are our winners for the final Pokemon slate.

Pokémon: Zarude
Category: Dark
New Type:

Stats: 105/120/100/70/105 [500 BST]
New Moves: Bide, Earthquake, Fissure
Removed Moves: Low Kick, Snarl, Growth
Competitive Overview: Fast Pivot/Cleaner that is immune to T-Wave but has a deadly cold allergy. Even non-stab ice moves like Tauros' Blizzard have a Chance to OHKO.
Ability: No Ability
- Earthquake
- Lash Out
- Taunt
- Bind
Pokémon: Empoleon
Category: Steel
New Type:

Stats: 84/86/88/101/66
Movepool: Agility, Bide, Blizzard, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Cut, Dig, Double Team, Drill Peck, Earthquake, Fury Attack, Growl, Headbutt, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Mist, Peck, Pound, Rest, Roar, Rock Slide, Sing, Strength, Substitute, Supersonic, Surf, Tackle, Toxic, Steel Wing, Double-Edge
Competitive Overview: insane typing with a pretty good movepool, basically a gen 1 swampert

Pokemon: Ninetales Alola
New type: Ice-Ghost
Stats: 73/67/75/100/109
Movepool: Blizzard, Body Slam, Disable, Ice Beam, Rest, Roar, Substitute, Aurora Beam, Confuse Ray, Dream Eater, Hyper Beam, Hypnosis, Solar Beam, Tackle, Tail Whip, Lick, Night Shade, Crafty Shield.
Description: Walls Normal Mons, but still can,t beat Chansey without significant hax. Does however handily beat Snorlax and can also beat Tauros one on one (even without Reflect, which I originally gave, but eventually discarded due to being very hard to break with it). Starmie match-up is pretty bad, unless you epicly use Solar Beam (or Crafty Shield the obvious TW), Alakazam and Jynx aren,t much better (outside of lead position). This Mon can work as a very competent lead with Hypnosis + Crafty Shield, forcing Ribombee to predict instead of just launching Sleep Powder. Opposing Ice and Water Mons are the main enemies of Ninetales, Chansey too if both Sleep and Freeze Clauses are already in effect (or if Chansey is paralyzed).
And that's a wrap on FutureProofing. Thanks for joining us for the last six months on this interesting experiment! Neither Yoshi nor I are planning to continue the mod into Generation 9. If you are interested in taking the project over, give Yoshiblaze a shout and he'll guide you through the process.

While our creations will remain in Kanto, we hope you will enjoy your adventures in Paldea, should you be starting one (in 4 hours and 24 minutes but who's counting?)

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