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Sorry, I misremembered what I heard from Rhythms, who had verified the defense stat boosts with you a while ago. He said what you said, I messed it up.

Anyway, yeah it's not doing it right on the PS Calc. I trust you that it's right on PS itself. I did not know that they were done separately.


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Crit mechanics seem slightly off. Reflect, Burn, & stat stages are ignored if the attacking stat stage is less than OR equal to the opponent's defense stat stage. Otherwise, nothing is ignored. Relevant post reporting tests of the mechanic.

In this game, turn 1, Snorlax crits a Frustration and has the power halved by Reflect, even though its Attack stage and Raikou's Defense stage are both 0 (ergo equal, ergo Reflect should be ignored).
Fixed next update! Can anyone think of any other glaring bugs that remain? I think Gen 2 is good to go now!
shouldnt pikachu be able to learn sing+surf? teambuilder is saying its illegal.
im pretty sure its something like:
get pichu sing event
trade back to rby
teach it sing in PS1
trade back to gsc

(this is very important, pikachu is a big threat in ou)
p.s. i really need this it's my raikou counter
No, it can't learn it, surf Pikachu needs to be the starter of Pokemon Yellow, so no egg moves/events
Actually, it is legal, it just hasn't been implemented yet.

Pokemon Showdown allows the use of a few special event moves that are illegal with previous evolution exclusive level up moves. These include most of Pikachu's event only attacks (Surf, Heart Stamp, Endeavor etc) with Pichu's various exclusive level up moves (Nasty Plot, Sweet Kiss, Charm). The only other Pokemon with event + pre evo exclusive level up attack problems I can find are Vivillion (Hold Hands + Iron Defense, String Shot, Tackle, Harden is not caught as an illegal combination) and Altaria (False Swipe + Mirror Move + Cloud Nine; False Swipe + Mirror Move is legal thanks to a 3rd gen event).

As an aside, Endeavor + Pichu Level up is compatible, but only from this event meaning a shiny + jolly nature lock akin to the Shiny Johto Legends should be in place. Note that there's a non-shiny Endeavor Pikachu so that enforcement is only required for Pikachu / Raichu with Pichu level up moves.

Edit: On the subject of Pikachu stuff, Surf + Sing or Petal Dance or Dizzy Punch Pikachu and Raichu should be legal in Gen 2 and Gen 1 tradeback rule sets. Sing comes from the Pokemon Center events from a Pichu egg. You can then evolve the Pichu into Pikachu, transfer to Gen 1, beat the Prime Cup in Stadium 1, and tutor surf. Shouldn't be any legality issues with it, but the team builder is marking it as illgeal (unless I'm missing something).
Can't remember where I heard this, but Swagger doesn't confuse if the opponent is already maxed out.

I tested via emulation (Gold version since Crystal in-game isn't the same as link battles) and it always says that the move missed. I used Lock On to verify that this wasn't just weird luck.

I had a match the other day in which Swagger confused a Pokemon when it shouldn't have on PS main.
I can't tell whether or not shinyness is affecting DVs. The only code I could find relating to shinyness is applied exclusively in the case that the pokemon has a hidden power. The teambuilder does not modify DVs either as far as I can tell. In game shiny pokemon force subpar DVs (all 10 except for attack which can only be one of a few values).

Edit: My Machamp was female for some reason despite me not changing it. Default in GSC should be male instead of random (bar all female like miltank). To get a female pokemon you are required to run lower attack DVs. If it's not implemented this way, then it should be.
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This isn't really important, but Dewgong, Dugtrio, Machamp, Magneton, Muk, Parasect can be obtained at level 5 GSC (via tradebacks with Gen 1 and in-game trades) and Electrode at level 3 (obtainable in all gens at level 3 thanks to the Raichu > Electrode trade in gen 1 and the GBA remakes, and Viridian Forest having a level 3 Pikachu), but the validator doesn't allow them to be used at those levels.

Gengar and Xatu might also be possibilities if in-game trade evolutions can be canceled. Yellow has a Cubone > Machoke trade, Japanese Blue has a Machoke > Haunter trade, and Crystal has a Haunter > Xatu trade. Apparently the Stadium games don't trigger trade evolutions when using the transfer pack, so Stadium 2 should be able to bypass trade evolutions triggered via link cable.

Dewgong: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Growlithe for Dewgong in Yellow then trading back to GSC.
Dugtrio: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Lickitung for Dugtrio in Yellow then trading back to GSC.
Electrode: Obtained by trading a Level 3 Raichu for Electrode in Red/Blue/Green then trading back to GSC.
Machamp: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Cubone for Machoke in Yellow then trading back to GSC.
Magneton: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Lickitung for Dugtrio in Yellow, then trading back to Crystal, then trading Dugtrio for Magneton.
Muk: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Kangaskhan for Muk in Yellow then trading back to GSC.
Parasect: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Tangela for Parasect in Yellow then trading back to GSC.
(If in-game trade evolutions can be stopped): Gengar: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Cubone for Machoke, prevent evolution, use Stadium to transfer to Blue (JPN), trade for Haunter
(If in-game trade evolutions can be stopped): Xatu: Obtained by trading a Level 5 Machoke for Haunter, prevent evolution, use Stadium 2 to transfer to Crystal, trade for Xatu
Just a little thing I noticed while seeing this video:
(Don't ask me why i was watching this, i was bored, okey?)

Test on PS:

Gengar used Nightmare!
The opposing Chansey began having a nightmare!

The opposing Chansey is fast asleep.

The opposing Chansey is locked in a nightmare!

It takes the damage whenever Nighmare is used, it should be after the turn is used.(This is changed on later gens)


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It takes the damage whenever Nighmare is used, it should be after the turn is used.(This is changed on later gens)
To clarify, what happened in the replay isn't technically wrong, but it would be if Chansey had moved first, since Nightmare is supposed to affect you immediately after you take your turn (like burn/poison). In the video you linked, you'll notice the turn ends after Gengar uses Nightmare, which means Swinub had to have used Endure to move before it, so it would only get affected by Nightmare next time it moved.

Essentially, yeah Nightmare is bugged on PS since it's behaving like future gens. I checked Curse and it has the same problem too, while burn/poison/Leech Seed are happening in random order (the correct order is burn/poison -> Leech Seed -> Nightmare -> Curse). Thanks for making me look into it; all of these will be fixed next update!
I've been battling in main server and tested this a lot, Snorlax is always faster than -1 spe Skarmory. This should be a speed tie at 158 points. Besides Shodown shows Skarmory with one curse at 158 spe somehow the bird is slower
It is not a display bug, I tested boom vs zapdos with cloyser ten times and it got the ohko always. If it was female, boom is a roll. Maybe I just got really lucky and always got the roll but I doubt it.
i reported the gender thing a few posts up but it got ignored i guess :(

shininess didn't seem to be lowering stats as it should either when i checked.

also pokemon shouldn't be defaulting to random genders in gsc since it actually makes a difference in stats (right now they are randomized if they can be male or female).

another thing to keep note of while fixing this is that gender is determined by the attack DV, but which DV values trigger male v. female depends on the gender ratio of the pokemon in question.
i.e. eeveelutions

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