Gen 6 Simulator Speculation

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Just thought I'd uh, make a place for people to speculate what sorta features are possible to implement in next gen's Pokemon simulator.

3D Models? ;_;
You've got to remember that when Gen V and its animated, well-detailed sprites came out, one of the things people did was meticulously convert them all into shitty 8-bit RBY-style graphics. I'm sure that the conversion to 3D is going to be an extremely temporary obstacle. The only real difference is that the graphical gap between actual game and sim is going to grow wider, and I doubt that's something that pretty much any simulator user cared about to begin with.


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I'm sorry but threads like this probably won't really get anyone anywhere and will just end in wishlisting.

Best solution would be to hop on #showdown and help out in dev work. If you've got Javascript knowledge or can help with mechanics or the like, your help would be greatly appreciated. Othewise, I'm sure the Orange Islands thread on Pokemon XY would love to have the boosted activity; PS is just very busy fixing up BW2 as it is.

Cheers guys.
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